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Q: What does cut a week into nine days mean?
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Why is there going to be no power for 3 days 2012?

No there will be power as long as there is not a power cut somewhere in the next 1 week of 2012.

How long does cut up mango stay fresh in the refrigerator?

Up to 2 weeks after ripening

Is Coleman a good brand?

I would say yes, but not their 10$ hatchet. I had it for about nine days and it was hard to sharpen, didn't cut well, and then it bent and folded on me.

How is hay dried?

after you cut the hay alow it a week or a few days and the ted it until a litttle dryer and the rake it, alow to dry and bale it. there is also a machinbe called a conditioner/crimper which you run the hay through after you cut it and this saves days of drying time

What was Snowballs reason for building the windmill?

Snowball wants to build the windmill because it will bring luxuries to the animals and will cut down on the number of days they work a week.

How long does it take for a cut to heel?

About a week or so, depending on the size of the cut.

My boyfriend was cut down from working 6 days a week to 4 He isn't making enough to pay for his house.?

Whatt exactlyyy is the Questiion hea??? love yah xx

How long will cheese stay good in the fridge?

for cheap cheese its about 1 week but for expensive cheese about 2 -3 week max

What is another word for cut short nine letters?


What should you do if you need to lose a drastic amount of weight?

I would cut my calories to 1100 a day and wk out 5 days a week for one hour, in that hour you should burn at least 300 cals...if you can do 6 days a week then do that. I would cut out soda and juice completley - only water. Cut candy, chips and mayo out of your diet. Only have carbs for breakfast and lunch. No carbs after 5pm! I would do high energy work outs like running, elliptical, spinning classes, swimming. Lift light 5-8lbs weight twice a week in addition to cardio. And if you hit a point in your diet where you don't lose a pound for 5 days or more then cut your calories by another 100 for a day and eat only chicken, salad, cucumber, watermelon and fat free plain yogurt.

What did Jesus mean when he said if those days were not shortend?

The word shortened means 'cut short.' Short of speeding up Earth's revolutions and making the days themselves subsequently "shorter," (which could be an implication but most likely isn't [See Jeremiah 33:19-22]) we are left with the understanding that it is the number of days that are cut short. He meant "if the number of those days were not cut short," implying that the number of days originally intended to occur was to be significantly more than those which finally eventuate.

What are two prefixes that mean cut or cut out?

Two prefixes that mean "cut" or "cut out" are "dis-" and "ab-".