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Q: What item is stolen more on New Year's Day than any other holiday?
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Can you be charged if you are given a stolen item and you had no idea that it was stolen?

Yes. You are still in possession of a stolen item.

Does homeowner insurance cover theft on other address?

Usually as long as A). The item stolen is owned by the policyholder, B). The item was not stolen on another property owned by the policyholder that does not have insurance.

What is the most stolen item at Walmart?


What is a pilferable item?

An item at a store that is small enough to conceal and be stolen. Pilfer - to steal.

What is adoming?

The process of adoming is when you have your bag or personal item stolen by adom (the funky one). It was invented by, who else, Jake Adom in the summer of 2008 and has become a common hobby of Jake ever since. (It is not official if the item has been stolen by anybody other than Jake)

Where did the monster deposit the stolen item?

on justines pocket

What is the number one stolen item in the world?


What is the most stolen sports item?

probably a football

What is the most purchased holiday item?


Do hotwheels get stolen sometime?

Hot Wheels cars are a popular item among thieves. Sometimes they do get stolen.

What is the most stolen item?

There are a few statistics that show "Money" is the worlds most stolen item, more than likely because it is the one thing that every country has in common.

How do you write a report on a stolen item at work place giving an example of how to write the same report?

Workplace reports on stolen goods need to include the name of the individual writing the report, the item that was stolen, the date it went missing, and notes on the incident. Included notes should be thorough, including the time you noticed it missing, the value of the item, a description of the item, and the location where the item was last seen.