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Q: What problems did St. Nicholas face?
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Was St. Nicholas British?

St. Nicholas of Myra was Greek.

What is St. Nicholas Day?

St. Nicholas Day is the feast day of St. Nicholas of Myra and is on December 6 every year.

Is St. Nicholas St. Nick?

Yes, Nick is short for Nicholas.

Was St. Nicholas Of Myra ever married?

No, St. Nicholas was not married.

Is Santa Claus St Nicholas?

I believe santa is st nicholas.

When was St Nicholas Priory created?

St Nicholas Priory was created in 1087.

What is the population of Deeping St Nicholas?

Deeping St Nicholas's population is 1,323.

When is the veneration of St. Nicholas?

St. Nicholas of Myra is memorialized on December 6.

When did St. Nicholas Magazine end?

St. Nicholas Magazine ended in 1943.

When was St. Nicholas Magazine created?

St. Nicholas Magazine was created in 1873.

What is the population of St Nicholas-at-Wade?

The population of St Nicholas-at-Wade is 782.

When was St Nicholas' Almshouses created?

St Nicholas' Almshouses was created in 1656.