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On Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. Whatever is your families tradition

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Q: When do the families give gifts on Christmas?
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When do they give Christmas gifts in Australia?

This depends on personal family traditions. The majority of Australian people open their gifts on Christmas morning. However, in communities where there are strong ties to European homelands (e.g. The German Lutherans), many people give their gifts on Christmas Eve. Families with Finnish heritage often do the same.

Does santa give gifts now today?

He delivers gifts on Christmas Eve. But, sometimes he will make exceptions if families need to have their gifts delivered early, or late, due to other plans.

Does China give gifts at Christmas?

No, China does not give gifts at Christmas. This is because Christmas Day is not an official holiday in China.

What two things do we traditionally give to our friends an families on Christmas day?

It depends where you are from, though traditionally Christians give and receive gifts and good wishes.

What are the holidays other than Christmas and Valentine's Day to give gifts?

Which are the holidays, other than Christmas and Valentine's Day to give gifts?

Why do you give gifts to each other at Christmas?

you give people gifts because the wise men gave gifts to Jesus

Do Cubans give gifts on Christmas?


Why Do you Wraps Gifts?

It is always fun to give a surprise. That is why we wrap the Christmas gifts.

Why do we give and receive gifts in Christmas?

i think it is a way to give thanks

Does England give out Christmas gifts?

no, but they have bad teeth.

What kind of gifts do they give in France on Christmas?


How do you make Christmas speical?

you give nice gifts.