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The bride's mother is the last person to be seated before the procession of the bridesmaids begins.

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Q: When does the brides mother enter?
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Who escorts the brides mother?

The father of the groom. Men on the left, women on the right

Why did Mother Teresa never get married?

She was a religious sister and they consider themselves to be brides of Christ. They do not marry.

Once married what relation is the grooms mother and brides father?

There is no word for this in English. Spanish has "consuegros" and Yiddish has "machatunim."

Was Mother Teresa allowed to marry a man?

She was a sister. Sisters and nuns consider themselves to be brides of Christ. They do not marry.

What was the main purpose of the War Brides Act?

The War Brides Act (Public Law 271) was enacted in 1945 to allow spouses and adopted children of United States military personnel to enter the U.S. after World War II.

Does the mother of the bride go to the dress rehearsal?

The mother of the bride goes to the church rehearsal where the wedding party practices what they should do and say and then there is generally a Wedding Rehearsal Dinner after which all members of the wedding party (including the parents of the bride and groom.) There is no dress rehearsal for most brides or wedding party, but the bride and her brides maids would have to go into the wedding shop where the wedding dress and brides maids dresses were purchased to be sure no extra alterations have to be made on any of the dress and the mother may attend this if she asks the bride (which is generally not a problem.)

How is a wedding invitation worded if the brides mother is a doctor but her father is not?

Drs Jones and Mr and Mrs Smith

What roles are there in Dracula spectacular?

Miss Nadia Naive, Kelly, Elvis, Dracula and his mother,Zombies, pretty girls, pilots, fanged brides

Who are the white veil brides?

Black veil brides?

Is brides plural?

The plural form for the noun bride is brides. The plural possessive form is brides'.The brides' gowns hung in a row in their garment bags waiting to be picked up.

What is the collective noun for brides?

There is no specific collective noun for brides, most likely because brides seldom form groups. However, if you need a collective noun for a rare grouping of brides, choose a noun suitable for the context. I have seen suggestions for a bouquet of brides (charming), a giggle of brides (borrowed from a gaggle of geese), or a babble of brides (lots of arrangements to discuss when you group prospective brides).

Are Black Veil Brides in the Illuminati?

NO black veil brides are not.