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The wise men didn't actually find Jesus in Bethlehem they found him in his home in Nazareth

THE BIBLES ANSWER: Matthew chapter 2 tells us that the wise men went to Herod in Jerusalem and ask where the one was who was born King of the Jews. Herod ask his priests and scribes who told him that He was born in Bethlehem and sent the wise men there. After visiting with Jesus they were told to depart to their destination without going back to Herod. Then Joseph, Mary's husband was warned in a dream to take Jesus and Mary to Egypt because Herod was going to seek out Jesus and have Him killed. After a stay in Egypt and after Herod (the Great) was dead the Lord appeared to Joseph in a dream telling him they could return to Nazareth.

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In Matthew's Gospel, the wise men found baby Jesus in the family house (Matthew 2:11) in Bethlehem. Many people find this confusing because in Luke's Gospel, Nazareth in Galilee was where the family lived, whereas in Matthew, they lived in Bethlehem. Only after fleeing to Egypt and spending a number of years there did the travel to Galilee and settle in a city called Nazareth (Matthew 2:23).

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Q: Where in Bethlehem did the wise men find Jesus?
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Where The wise men Meet Jesus?

Bethlehem, Israel.

How is the Star of Bethlehem connected to Christmas?

The Star of Bethlehem is what the three wise men followed to find where Jesus Christ was going to be born. If they had not seen this star they would not have known where to go.

How did the wise men know in which town they would find baby Jesus?

The wise men followed the star to Jerusalem and then asked Herod the Great where the "new born King" was to be born. Herod inquired of the chief priests and scribes and they told him, Bethlehem. Then the wise men followed the star to where Jesus was.

What was the sign in the sky that led the wise men to where Jesus was born?

The wise men were led by a bright star in the sky, often referred to as the Star of Bethlehem, which guided them to the birthplace of Jesus.

What does the star of Bethlehem symbolizes?

The three wise men coming to visit baby jesus.

Who traveled from far away to find Jesus and what did they follow?

The wise men, also known as the Magi, traveled from afar to find Jesus. They followed a star, known as the Star of Bethlehem, which guided them to the place where Jesus was born.

Where did the three wise men look for jesus first?

The three wise men first were led to Jerusalem, then Bethlehem. (Matthew 2:1-12)

What are the names of the Wise Men that went to Bethlehem to see Jesus at birth?

Gaspar, Balthasar, and Melchior.

What is 'The Star Of Bethlehem' story about?

The Star Of Bethlehem story is the Christian story about the birth of Christ. According to the story a star appeared over the manger where Jesus was born that allowed the three wise men to find him.

What guided the wise man to Jesus?

The north star. COMMENT: The star that guided the wise men to Jesus was a special star. It appeared in the East and moved toward Israel. The wise men followed it to Jerusalem and after being told by Herod the Great that the new born King was to be born in Bethlehem the wise men left and "Behold" the star moved over the place where Jesus was Born. (Bethlehem). Regular stars do not do this. This star was HIS star.

Who magi made a long journey to Bethlehem to find?

The magi are referred to as the three wise men and they traveled to find Jesus Christ our savior. God guided them by the Northern star.

What direction were the wise men going to find baby Jesus?

Since Matthew tells us they travelled from the far East, they were heading West to come to Bethlehem.