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Q: Where was the tallest Christmas tree cut?
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What is the most what is the tallest and most decorated Christmas tree?

For the fifth year in a row, the state of Arizona has the tallest Christmas tree. It is 112 feet tall.

How tall is the tallest living Christmas tree and where is it located?

The tallest living Christmas tree is located in Boise, Idaho, USA and stands at approximately 122 feet tall.

How tall is the tallest cristmas tree?

It's a living, 276 foot Eucalyptus tree, currently home to a half dozen activists who for more than a month have lived in its heights, protecting it from being cut down. World's tallest living Christmas tree is home to Greenpeace activists in Tasmania.

How tall was the world's tallest Christmas tree?

160 ft

How tall is the Christmas tree in Cheshire Oaks?

the Cheshire oaks tree is 100 ft (30 metres) it's nickname is ''britain's tallest Christmas tree''

Can cut Christmas tree last forever?

When you say cut and you mean real tree than NO!

Where is world largest Christmas tree?

There is no such tree as a Christmas Tree until it is cut and decorated so the question is unanswerable. :O that isn't true

Does a real cut Christmas tree produce oxygen?


Where can I Cut down a Christmas Tree?

Anywhere there are trees.

Can you cut the top of a Christmas tree off?


Why did the lumberjack cut the tree down Don't ax me explain joke?

The lumberjack cut down the tree to have a Christmas. This is a joke.

Where is the biggest Christmas Tree in the world?

New York or of a tree doesn't need to be an actual tree: Lopik, Netherlands: 366.8 meters tall, and 1997 winner of the World Guinness book of Records 'largest Christmas tree in the world'.