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Q: Who is CEO of clover farms dairy?
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What is Clover dairy 's population?

Clover - dairy -'s population is 6,523.

How many dairy farms are in California?

There are over 20 dairy farms in the state of California. One of the major dairy farms found there is Rockview Farms.

How many have dairy farms in the US?

There are 65,000 Dairy Farms in the US

When was Tuscan Dairy Farms created?

Tuscan Dairy Farms was created in 1918.

Who is the largest dairy farm in California?

There are quite a few dairy farms in California. California is the state that has the most dairy farms, with the largest being Fair Oaks dairy farm.

How many dairy farms in Bahrain?

There are not two but several dairy farms in the UAE. They are Al Rawabi Dairy Farm - Al Kawaneej Marmum Dairy Farm - Al Lisaili, Dubai Al Ain Road Al Ain Dairy Farm - Cluster of farms in Al Ain.

Where does milking occur in canada?

On dairy farms across Canada. Dairy farms can be found pretty much coast to coast.

How many dairy farms in America?

There are 65,000 dairy farms in the United States, the most important dairy states include Pennsylvania California, Wisconsin, New York, Idaho, Florida, Minnesota, Ohio, and Vermont. Pennsylvania alone has 8,500 dairy farms and has the heaviest dependence on dairy farming.

How many dairy farms are in Pennsylvania?

Based on a source from the Canadian Dairy Commission there were 4191 farms shipping milk or cream in Ontario as of August 2010. While not necessarily the most precise measure, it should give you a reasonable estimate of dairy farms in the province, as presumably most (if not all) of Ontario's dairy farms produce milk or cream.

Are there diary farms in Oregon?

Yes there are many dairy farms in Oregon.

Are there dairy farms in Germany?


What kind of places are dairy farms at?

Dairy farms are located in areas where crops can be grown quite easily and frequently have bumper crops.