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i am not sure but she went to see monica michael and got inspires from her

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Q: Who made the first cloth poppy for Remembrance Day?
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What does the green on the poppy represent?

In England Wales, and Northern Ireland remembrance day poppies are mostly paper representatives of the flat Earl Haig attributed design, a flat two petal poppy with a leaf made in Richmond Surrey. (The Car Poppy sold by the Royal British Legion has no leaf). In Scotland remembrance day poppies have four petals and no design has a leaf, they are made by poppyscotland. Countries around the world have other designs. The only significance of the leaf, or no leaf poppy is that it may give a clue to the country where the poppy was, or was not, manufactured. There are no rules governing how, or where to wear a poppy, nor the angle of the leaf if present.

When was Remembrance day made?

Remembrance day was made on November 11 when the first world war ended.-pce out lolaa

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