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A fine example of a trick question! a Movie called Santa Claus was made sometime in the late fifties and perennially rerun- in the Yule season, ho ho ho! It was heavily advertised on Television, Radio and newspapers. The ads came on with a blitz- Santa Claus- everyone is waiting to see Santa Claus! In Eastman Colorscope. No cast of characters was listed in ANY of the ads. I guess they wanted to seal in the legend as tight as possible. If they listed an actor in the lead role- that would let the cat out of the bag. It was not a cartoon. Santa Claus was one of the very few dramatic films to have an anonymous cast! so be it.

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The answer is Judge Reinhold.

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Q: Who played Santa in Santa Claus?
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Who played Santa Claus in the 'Santa Claus' movie series?

Tim Allen played Santa in the "Santa Clause" movie series.

Which DIY expert has played Santa Claus in 2 movies?

Santa Claus was played by Tim Allen in a series of movies called The Santa Clause.

Who played the lead role in Santa Claus The Movie?

Santa Claus: The Movie was released in 1985 with two main characters. Dudley Moore played Patch the elf and David Huddleston played the man who became Santa Claus. It is a tale that gives history to the legend of Santa Claus and its beginnings. The villain is played by John Lithgow.

Who played the maniacal Santa Claus in the 1980 movie To All A Goodnight?

Katherine Herrington played the maniacal Santa Claus in To All A Goodnight.

What movie and television projects has Keith Dobbins been in?

Keith Dobbins has: Played Jack in "Girls Never Call" in 2005. Played Bearded Bar Fly in "The Maxwell Multiple Climax" in 2007. Performed in "Stress Free Holidays" in 2008. Performed in "Desert Therapy" in 2008. Played Santa Claus in "Revelation of Santa" in 2009. Played Santa Claus in "A Nanny for Christmas" in 2010. Played Santa Claus in "A Christmas Wedding Tail" in 2011. Played Santa Claus in "A Star for Christmas" in 2012. Played Santa Claus in "Back in the Game" in 2013.

Who played the elf called patch in Santa Claus?

Dudley Moore played the elf called Patch in Santa Claus: The Movie. It was released in 1985.

In the film the Santa Claus who played the substitute santa?

Tim Allen

Who played infant Buddy Claus in Santa Claus 3?

it was his mom judith

How many Santa Claus movies are there?

3. The Santa Claus, The Santa Claus 2, and The Santa Claus 3: The Escape Claus

What was Santa Claus' wife's name in the movie Santa Claus?

Karen was santa Claus wife in santa Claus

Who played judy in the Santa Claus?

Paige Tamada

In the movie The Santa Claus who starred as the substitute Santa Claus?

Santa was Scott Calvin, who was played by Tim Allen in all three Santa Clause movies. Tim Allen replaced Santa Claus after accidentally startling the original Santa, causing him to fall off of his roof. Tim Allen plays Santa Claus in The Santa Clause 1,2, and 3.