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It is a celebration of our independence as a nation. Thus, this is why it is called Independence Day.

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It is the Independence Day of the United States

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July 4th is the day America got its independence from Britain.

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Q: Why do you celebrate July 3rd and July fourth?
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What states celebrate the fourth of July?

All fifty states of the United States of America celebrate the Fourth of July.

Do they have a fourth of July in Africa?

Yes- it is the day between July 3rd and July 5th. However, they do not celebrate Independence Day, which is an American holiday celebrated on July 4th.

When do you celebrate fourth of July?

the weekend of July 4th

Do you celebrate Fourth of July?

the weekend of July 4th

Why do you celebrate on Fourth of July?

at my home

When do you celebrate patriotism?

the fourth of July

What town did not celebrate July fourth?

The town that did not celebrate July 4th is Vernon Hills.

Why do you celerbrate Fourth of July?

we celebrate the fourth of July because theres fire works.

Do Catholics celebrate Fourth of July?

The Fourth of July is a national celebration not a religious one.

When do the US celebrate the Independence Day?

We celebrate it on July 4th! The Fourth of July!!! :)

What is the date Haitians celebrate the Fourth of July?

... July 4th

What groups celebrate the Fourth of July?