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we wrap them so it is a suprise and it brings much excitment and joy to people

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It is always fun to give a surprise. That is why we wrap the Christmas gifts.

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Q: Why do you wrap a gift in wrapping paper?
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How can you wrap a gift when you don't have wrapping paper?

You can use newspaper or just put the gift in a gift bag instead of wrapping and put some colorful tissue paper to hide the gift.

Where can one find reviews for gift wrap?

Gift wrap reviews for the actual wrapping paper can be found on online sources such as amazon they also have reviews of what amazon gift wrapping is like. Also, friends and family may have suggestions.

How to re-use gift wrapping paper?

You can re-use gift wrapping paper from Christmas and other gifts in a variety of ways. You can use the paper to re-wrap other gifts or you can use it to make crafts such as cards.

Where can I buy cheap gift wrapping paper in London?

There are several different stores that sell fairly cheap gift wrapping paper in London. Local stationary shops often have cheap gift wrap, while larger department stores such as Boots and Tesco often carry cheaply priced gift wrap.

Where you get Mother's Day stuffed gift wrapping paper?

(A) Wrap the stuffed gift in tissue paper and put it into a box. (B) Make sure the box is large enough to fit the stuffed gift. Keep it the lose fit so the shape of stuff gift will stay "as is" when it opens. (C) Tape and wrap the box with your choice of decorative wrapping paper.

How do you wrap birthday gifts?

You wrap birthday gifts in special Happy Birthday wrapping paper. You can opt to stick a ribbon, bow or gift tag on the present.

What can you wrap a gift with if you don't have?

You cannot wrap a gift you don't have.If all you are missing is wrapping paper, the Sunday funnies/newspaper can be used or you can be creative with cloth.Answer:You can wrap a gift you don't have by making the wrapping the gift. "Furoshiki" is a large piece of cloth for the wrapping of almost everything (gifts to groceries) in Japan. If you give the gift of a furoshiki, folded into an appropriate shape, it is a gift wrapping itself. Green individuals like furoshiki as it folds down to almost nothing (assuming a thin cloth is used) and can be carried in pocket oor backpack to wrap purchases made on the way home. It is decorative, ecoogically sensitive, and a sure conversation starter.

Where can one find great gift wrapping paper for a boys birthday?

Gift wrapping paper is sold in many designs. Stores such as Hallmark that sell birthday cards also sell gift wrapping paper. For gift wrapping paper that is targeted at young boys one can also try toy stores.

Does anyone remember a Christmas Cartoon about a piece of wrapping paper and a homeless man finding it and using it to wrap his son's gift?

It was an Animaniac's episode. I think it was called Gift of Gold.

What is the least amount of wrapping paper needed to wrap a gift box that measures 8 inches by 8.3 inches by 12.5 inches?

If you cut the wrapping paper and stick it on the sides of the box, the minimum you will require is 540.3 sq inches.

What are different tools and materials needed in gift wrapping?

gift wrap,tape and a marker

Are you supposed to wrap Valentine's Day presents?

It's not necessary for you to wrap them. However, Valentine's day wrapping paper is sold in shops at this time of year just like you can get birthday or Christmas wrapping paper. Your gifts will probably look better if they are wrapped. Alternatively, you could use a gift bag.