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no it is not.

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Q: Are contaminated rags recommended for disposal in landfills?
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What should you do with a rag that has been used to wipe up spilled gasoline?

Used rags contaminated with gasoline should be disposed of properly to prevent fire hazards. Place the rag in a sealed metal container specifically designed for storing flammable materials, and take it to a hazardous waste disposal facility for safe disposal. Avoid storing or washing gasoline-soaked rags indoors.

Will naphtha rags self ignite?

Yes, naphtha-soaked rags can self-ignite due to the heat generated during the process of oxidation. It is important to handle and dispose of these rags properly to avoid fire hazards. Placing them in a metal container with a tight-fitting lid and disposing of them according to local regulations is recommended.

Can you wash rags that were used with mineral spirits?

No, it is not recommended to wash rags that were used with mineral spirits. These rags can pose a fire hazard due to the risk of spontaneous combustion. It is safer to dispose of these rags properly according to local regulations.

What is A something of rags?

what is a group of rags

If you have an oily or saturated absorbent pad after refueling at a marina what should you do with it?

There should be a special bin set aside for the disposal of oily rags. Do not throw the oily rag into the water. What to do should be stated on a noticeboard of rules and regulations.

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The collective noun is a bundle of rags.

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