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Depends entirely on what you think of as a "normal" bicycle wheel.

An externally geared wheel is unlikely to work very well, as it has a longer axle and will require a wider dropout spacing than a fixie wheel.

On top of that you might get into chainline and gear ratio issues, not to mention that the fixie chain might not sit comfortably on multi-gear sprockets.

If you get the urge to turn the fixie into a geared bike, there are a bunch of brackets and attachments that your frame will be missing which will have to be sorted out.

A wheel with internal gears is more like to fit both dropout width and chain width, but again using those gears will require some work.

Replacing a fixie wheel with a single-speed wheel is usually easily doable, they tend to be a direct fit.

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Q: Do normal rear bicycle wheels work with fixies?
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What is dropout?

In bicycle-speak, dropouts are the (usually) slotted ends of a fork and rear triangle of a bicycle that holds the wheels.

What is a dropout?

In bicycle-speak, dropouts are the (usually) slotted ends of a fork and rear triangle of a bicycle that holds the wheels.

What was the first bicycle made from that HJ Lawson made?

H.J. Lawson invented the first rear driving safety bicycle and it was patented in 1870. It had 23 inch wooden wheels.

Is bicycle made of matter?

A bicycle provides a method of human powered transportation so a person can travel on wheels. The person must learn to balance on the device, steer, and work the pedals. It has two wheels, a front wheel and a rear wheel. The pedals are connected by a chain to the rear wheel. When the rider works the pedals with his feet, the rear wheel goes around. It pushes against the pavement which makes the bicycle go forward. The wheels also have a fairly large diameter, an important feature. That enables them to work as gyroscopes. Like any other gyroscope, as long as they are in motion, they tend to remain in the same plane. That helps keep the bicycle upright. Thus, a bicycle in motion does not tend to fall over. The size of the wheels have been determined by experiments over the years. Larger wheels would make the bicycle more stable but would make the bicycle harder to push. Smaller wheels would be less expensive but would make the bicycle less stable.

Did the penny farthing coin come first or the penny farthing bicycle?

The "safety bicycle" with rear wheel drive and same-size wheels.

How does a bycicle work?

A bicycle works by converting the rider's pedaling motion into rotational energy that turns the wheels. When the rider pedals, the chain transfers this energy from the pedals to the rear wheel, propelling the bicycle forward. The wheels provide stability and support while the handlebars control steering.

On a bicycle Is the rear hub ratchet mechanism necessary?

Not really, but it sure makes riding easier. There are hubs w/o the ratchet mechanism, and they're called fixies, or fixed wheels. Some like them for the more direct riding experience, some for their ruggedness(good winter bikes), yet some like the clean looks of the bike and the driveline. What happens if you leave the ratchet out is that the pedals will always keep spinning, which can be awkward during descents and cornering.

Where is the rear axle on a 1999 Dodge Dakota?

It is what the rear wheels bolt to.It is what the rear wheels bolt to.

Are buckled rear bicycle wheels common?

Kinda-sorta. I haven't buckled one in years, but downhillers and people trying to get their bikes as light as possible do it quite regularly.

Jacked my old beetle up at rear to remove engine now both rear wheels funny agle?

This is normal and is caused by the weight of the wheels, and the dampers pushing them down. All you need to do to correct this is take the jack out from underneath the vehicle and drive it off, the wheels will settle down once you start driving.

If a bicycle with equal wheels has a rotation counter on each why will the one on the tend to give higher reading?

On a regular bicycle the rear wheel will carry more of the weight, so the rear tire will be compressed more. This compression will effectively reduce the diameter, making the rear tire turn more times than the front. Also, if road conditions are poor the rear(drive) wheel can slip when pedalling to the point of giving a measurable larger number of rotations.

A bicycle chain is an example of what type of simple machine?

The chain is wrapped around a cogwheel, which could be described as a pulley.