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Q: Do you need a permit to sell snacks and soda cans from home?
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Do you need a permit for gun kept in home in Missouri?

No, you only need a permit if you want to carry the gun in public.

Do you need a permit to extend a home in Nassau county?


Do you need a permit for a pool?

You need a permit to build one in most populated areas. You need a permit to run a public pool. You don't need a permit to operate a private home swimming pool.

do i need a permit to list a home for rent?

Due to issues related to health and safety, a permit or license may be required when you rent out your home. Just as different neighborhood communities have specific ordinances/rules, the need of a permit for renting needs to be research in your own area.

If you have a PA permit and live at home do you need to have insurance?

You don't need insurance, but the car that you drive does.

is there a driving permit test I can take home?

You can't take the permit test home but there is a driver's manual that you can take home or look up on the internet and study off of. After you study the manual you can take permit sample tests online to see what your score is and if you need to study more.

Do I need a permit to build French Drains on my property in Everett, WA?

When you build on or change your property you need to have a permit to do so. Check with your home owners association, or your city office. If you are making improvement to a home you want that documented anyway as it helps with property values. Generally installing french drains does not require a permit. If you are adding on to your house then a permit would be required.

Do you need a permit to build an outdoor storage shed behind your home?

Yes you do need a permit. It would also be a good idea to have your cable, water and electric company to come out and mark with their buried wires are.

Do you need a permit to do landscaping?

Of course you need a permit to landscape.

Do you need a permit to hunt in NJ?

you need a permit to hunt anywhere so yes you need a permit to hunt in NJ

Do you need a permit to teach a dance class in your home and charge?

i am not to sure about this one but i am pretty sure that you dont have to

Do I need a permit to do a home assembly job?

Home assembly jobs do not require a permit to start making money in as little as a week. They are a great way for people who are unemployed to make great money. Some companies only require a small fee to purchase the products, but a permit is not required.