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Good question. These terms get bandied about a lot, but are seldom explained. Re-use is when you take something that someone else has discarded or has sold or given to you and either use it for its original purpose again or use it for a different purpose. The key is that the object is not really changed in a significant way. For example, when you take an empty glass pop or beer bottle, wash it thoroughly and then fill it back up with a new drink and seal a new cap on it, it has been re-used. That same bottle could be re-used as a flower vase, painted or somehow otherwise turned into an art object etc.

Now if you were to take that bottle and crush it into tiny pieces of glass, you could recycle it into all sorts of things. You could simply use the crushed glass as decorative mulch, or filler in a different vase or something like that. Or, you could melt the glass pieces down and blow it into a new bottle of any shape, add it to melted glass from other objects and use it to make a new window, or fiberglass insulation, or fiber optic cable etc. That would be recycling.

Both are great ways to keep something out of a landfill or litter and both are good for the environment. In fact, some argue that re-use is somewhat better for the environment as it usually requires less expenditure of energy, transportation, other materials etc. than actual recycling does.

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Compostable paper is paper or cardboard that can be used as one component of compost, mixed with other vegetal or animal waste, or as mulch that will biodegrade on the spot. If used as compost, it must be clean enough, for instance without lead-based ink or glossy paper such as magazines that are not safe to compost.

Recyclable paper is paper that will be made into more paper. Depending on the quality of the original paper, it can be made into either print paper, or lower quality paper for newspapers or toilet rolls.

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well when the the thingy goes to the thingy then the thingy is a recycle if the thingy stays as the thingy then is is sustainability

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Renewable is when nature makes it and you can use it as much as possible, such as water, and recycled is when you just use something over again, such as a plastic bottle or glass jar.

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Q: Explain the difference between re-use and recycling?
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Why is reuse sometimes better than recycling?

Reuse is a form of recycling.

What accurately distinguishes between the reuse and recycling of natural resources?

Recycling uses existing materials to make new products. Reuse uses existing materials again without changing the products.

What are some cool catchy phrases for recycling?

The "three Rs of recycling are:Reduce (the amount of waste you generate, and that you accept as a consumer)Reuse (items, such as grocery bags, rather than throw them away)Recycle (items that can be use to make new items: aluminum, plastic, paper)

What is the short meaning of recycling?


Are car recycling plants different from junkyards?

"There is a difference between car recycling plants and junkyards. Car reccyling plants take pride in reusing as many parts as possible, and try to use every possible piece of the car they can. Junkyards are just where cars go do die." "Yes, there is a fundamental difference between junk yards and car recycling plants. Car recycling plants actually focus on the environment and attempt to reuse each part in every car brought in."

What are the three r's of recycling?

reduce, re-use then recycle means: cut down on what you use, re-use whatever you can then recycle it when it can no longer be used.reduce, reuse, recycleThe three R's of recycling are:ReduceReuseRecycleReduce, Reuse, Recycle

What does the three Rs of recycling stand for?

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

What is the waste recycling procedure for Barnet Council?

Barnet Council's recycling procedure is based on the reuse of recycling. Books which were thrown away are being resold, paper is turned into reuse-able wrapper material and so on.

What are some of the limitations of conversation and recycling?

you can reuse your products

What do the r's in recycling stand for?

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

Is recycling aliminum cans one exple of waste reuse?

Recycling is one way to reduce waste and reusing products is another. Therefore, recycling Aluminum cans is an example of waste reuse since it saves 95% of the energy.

Can you reuse the used catalyst?

Yes. it is a part of recycling of catalyst.