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Q: Find what year a Schwinn was made?
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What year is the Schwinn Typhoon MR612501?

your typhoon was made in december of 1980.

What year was a schwinn fair lady LG 005793 manufactured please?

Your Schwinn Fairlady was made in November 1971.The first letter is the month the second letter is the year.

What year is this Schwinn 684 F941619A?

I believe the Shwinn model 684 was made for only one year...1990.

What year was schwinn sn f236579 manufactured?

To try to answer this, a bit more info might be helpful. Do you have anything else besides the sn, i.e. a model name? If you have a Schwinn mfgr'ed before Schwinn went under and became naught-but-a marketing tool for Pacific Cycle/Dorel, there may be numbers stamped (faintly visible) on the head-badge. If you can find this, it may help to figure out the provenance of your Schwinn. If there is a four digit number stamped on it, the first digit should be (as far as I know this is all Schwinn's with a four digit number stamped onto the badge) the last digit of the year in which it was manufactured. So a Genuine Schwinn (pre-bankruptcy) bike bearing a number like 7256, was made in 1987, 1977, 1967, etc. The other three digits are which day of the year it was made, so badge number 1025 would be made January 25th, of either 1991, 1981, 1971, etc.Hope that helped.

What year was the schwinn red roadster tricycle made?

The original line was in production from the 1950's through the 1970's. There is a new model Schwinn racer currently still in production that was released a few years ago since at least 2009. The new ones are typically sold with the year as part of the title "Schwinn 2013 Racer"

Where can you find an owners manualfor a Schwinn F18 electric scooter?

Schwinn f 18 has battery power but will not run

What year was the Schwinn Black Phantom was manufactured?


What year is Schwinn Hollywood model serial?


What year is Schwinn serial number MM530008?


Reproduction Schwinn orange krate 5 speed on the handel grip what year is it?

Schwinn made a limited number of reproduction 5 speed Krate bikes in 2005. They were all Grey Ghosts. They are VERY collectible and few remain in the box.

Is there a schwinn 684 oakley bike?

There is a Schwinn 684 aluminum road bike, made in the 90s. Oakley 684 is a pair of goggles.

What year is the schwinn serial number hk007565?

August 1974