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There are two options:

  1. Get a quill-to-threadless adapter, then slap the desired threadless stem on. This lets you keep your current fork
  2. Replace fork and headset with threadless versions, then add the desired threadless stem.

Do note that there are several different dimensions available, so you need to get your measurements right or risk buying the wrong stuff. Stems can be both 1" and 1 1/8" by the steerer tube, and 25.4, 26.0 and 31.8 by the handlebar.

Also note that there's nothing particularly wrong with quill stems, make sure that this is worth the effort.

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Q: How do you change from a quill bicycle stem to a threadless bicycle stem?
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How do you take off a rusted stem on a bmx bike?

Depends on if it's an old quill type or a newer threadless design. www.sheldonbrown.con, or should be able to tell you in detail.

How do you adjust the handlebar height on a Next mountain bike?

The one I could see on the net had a quill stem, which means that you loosen the bolt straight above where the fork goes through the frame a few turns. This should cause the bolt to rise a little. Then give it a tap so that it settles down again. This frees up the expander wedge inside the fork. The handlebars (or rather, the stem) should now be free to move up/down and sideways. If you're raising the bars, make sure you don't go above the minimum insertion line which is probably stamped into the stem.

How do you adjust the handlebar height for a Schwinn Hybrid Tourist?

It's a bit hard to identify which Schwinn you're talking about, and they've used different stems over the year. But what looks like the most likely candidate has a threadless stem/fork, and those aren't as adjustable as the old quill stems. What you probably have to do is to get another stem, either one called a riser stem, or an adjustable stem. They're fairly easy to put on, but you do need to get one for the right steerer tube/handle bar size. And you also need to know how to set the bearing preload, as this will go right out the window when you remove the old stem.

How can you get the forks off a blank cell 2010 bmx?

It ha a threadless fork with an aheadset stem. Remove compression cap, loosen the steerer tube(rear) screws, pull the stem/ bar off. Then the fork should come off with a light tap on the steerer tube.

What is the name of the component of a bicycle that connects the steerer tube to the handlebars?

It's called the stem. There are two main variants: quill stems and stems for aheadset/unthreaded forks. On top of that there are several different sizes , for steerer tube diameter, handle bar diameter, forward protrusion, angle, and insertion depth(for quill stems).

Where is a wedge of a Bicycle?

If the bike has a quill stem, then there is a wedge at the bottom of it to lock the stem into the fork. There are also rare seat posts which use a wedge at the bottom as opposed to the regular seat post clamp. Even rarer are brakes who are activated by a wedge being moved to bring the brake arms together. Old cranks may use a special type of wedge called a cotter to lock the crank to the bottom bracket spindle.

My headset bolt just spins round and doesn't undo. how do you remove it so you can remove the forks from the frame?

Need to know what kind of headset you've got to be able to answer that. If it's a threaded headset with a quill stem you just need to undo the screw a few turns, then tap the screw down. After that you should be able to pull the stem out and undo the fork by removing the locknut and then the top headset cup. If it's a threadless fork the compression cap should come off after undoing the top screw, after which you can undo the stem bolts, slide the stem off and the fork should come right out. If something really strange has happened to your compression cap bolt you'll simply have to cut away the compression cap to get the fork out. They're usually quite soft, some are even plastic, so it shouldn't be too bad.

What does stem -cap- mean?

"Stem cap" typically refers to the top cap of a bicycle stem, which is the component that secures the handlebars to the steerer tube of the fork. It provides a cover for the top of the steerer tube and may serve as a point for attaching accessories such as a computer or light.

What is stem length?

Stem length refers to the distance between the handlebars and the top of the fork steerer tube on a bicycle. It helps determine the reach and overall riding position for the rider.

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The stem "bi" means two, dual, or both. It is commonly seen in words like bicycle (two wheels), bilingual (speaking two languages), or bisexual (attracted to both genders).

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