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You can kill a full grown cedar tree by "ringing" the tree or by cutting out a ring of bark that goes all the way around the trunk. You can also kill the tree by cutting it down or uprooting the tree.

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Q: How do you kill a full grown cedar tree?
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How long do you have to wait before a cedar tree becomes fully grown?

67 years

Is a full-grown tree a gametophyte?


How do you kill an unwanted cedar tree?

You can hammer in many rusty nails into the tree but the easiest way is to cut it down

Is sporophyte an example of a full-grown tree?


What type of valuable tree grew in Phoenicia?

The cedar tree was a valuable tree grown in Phoenicia. It was used in shipbuilding, which enabled Phoenician trade to as far away as Cornwall and the Atlantic islands.

Can I build a deck around a full grown tree?

Yes, you can build a deck around a full grown tree. Check out and look for 'the ultimate tree fort'. Shown is the deck 'Mac' built around his tree. Make sure to give growing room, 2 to 3 inches, if the tree 'is not' fully grown.

When did The Cedar Tree end?

The Cedar Tree ended in 1979.

Is a cedar tree a conifer plant?

A cedar tree is a conifer.

How do you destroy or kill a full grown tree instantly and secretly?

I have a quite a few trees sourronding my house, there is one that is almost on my door step, the leaves and branches or causing danger to my your children, i want to destroy or kill the tree without having to cut it down

What is the full scientific name for Northern White Cedar?

The full scientific name for Northern White Cedar is Thuja occidentalis.

What is the duration of The Cedar Tree?

The duration of The Cedar Tree is 1800.0 seconds.

How much oxygen can a tree give a year?

around 80kg a year for a full grown tree.