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You can separate aluminum and steel by getting a magnet, and by putting it against the can and seeing if it sticks or not. I f it sticks, its steel. If it doesn't its aluminum. And well... milk jugs and soda bottles, you can clearly tell that soda bottles are bottles with soda in it, and milk jugs are jugs with milk in it.

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to seperate a pile of aluminum cans from iron cans u can wave w magnet over the pile or just pick them out with your hands.and remeber i am just 11!

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Q: How do you separate aluminum soda cans and steel cans and milk jugs and soda bottles?
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What is the to best way to separate steel cans from plastic bottles?

very simple. Use a magnet to collect all the steel cans & separate the plastic ones

What would be the quickest way to separate out the aluminum cans from the steel cans?

You can use a large magnet. Aluminum isn't magnetic, but steel is... Try that out. You should write A for Aluminum and S for steel on the cans so you don't get mixed up.

How you separate aluminum cans steel cans milk jugs and soda bottle if their fined powder together?


How do you separate aluminium and steel cans?

Aluminium and steel cans can be separated using a magnet, as steel is magnetic while aluminium is not. By running a magnet over a pile of cans, the steel cans will be attracted to the magnet while the aluminium cans will not, allowing for easy separation.

How magnets are used to sort steel and aluminum cans?

the aluminum cans don't attract and and steel attracts because its is made of iron and aluminum is not.

What are some methods to separate aluminum cans from steel cans?

Industrially it's quite simple - steel cans are magnetic while aluminum cans aren't.

Do tin cans contain steel?

It depends on the can. Soup cans might contain steel. Soda cans are made of aluminum.

What cost more pound for pound coke cans or plastic water bottles?

Aluminum cans are more valuable than plastic bottles.

When a magnet is used to separate cans are the steel cans attracted or left behind?

The steel cans will be attracted.

How do you separate aluminum cans from iron cans?

Using a magnet you can hover it over the cans.

Was pop cans in the 70's made out of steel or aluminum?

more then likely steel, aluminum cans are fairly new when compared to steel cans. aluminum is now used in canning of pop and is very thin i think a few microns is the side wall thickness

What is it called when you can dispose of newspapers aluminum cans and glass bottles?