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Q: How many wheels are there on 47 unicycles?
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Do unicycles use training wheels?


Things with wheels that start with you?


Do unicycles have steering wheels?

Nope. They have pedals, one wheel, and a seat.

When a bicycle has three wheels instead of one it is called a?

Unicycles have one wheel. Bicycles have two. And tricycles have three.

What are some sorts of unicycles?

There are quite a few: Trials: For jumping onto stuff Muni / Rough Terrain: Mountain unicycling Touring: Large wheels, and are used as transportation Giraffe: The tall unicycles with chains Impossible wheel: has no seat

The owner of a bike shop sells unicycles and bicycles and keeps inventory by counting seats and wheels. One day she counts 21 seats and 30 wheels. How many of each type of cycle are there?

The total number of seats and wheels on unicycles U and bicycles B are identified by the following equations :Seats : U + B = 21 (also the total of all cycles)Wheels : U + 2B = 30Combining, you get wheels minus seats :[U + 2B] - [U + B] = 30-21 and B = 9And since S = U + B = 21, then U = 21 - B, and U = 12There are 12 unicycles and 9 bicycles (12+9 seats and 12+18 wheels).(The difference is immediately apparent because you have 9 "extra wheels".)

Why are unicycles called unicycles?

uni = one. Unicycles have one wheel.uni means one like in unicorn

Are unicycles cool?

Unicycles are the sexiest thing on the planet.

How many unicycles are sold annually in the US?

i dnt no

Do unicycles have stering wheelies?


What do you use unicycles for?

lots of things trials long distance street and many more

Choose an equation in slope-intercept form that expresses the fact the number of wheels on bicycles plus the number of wheels on unicycles is 30?

Let b be the number of wheels on a bicycle and u the number on a unicycle. Then the relevant equation is 2b + u = 30 The simplest way to convert to a slope intercept form is u = -2b + 30