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Q: How much waste water is Mexico City currently treating?
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Why is it necessary to treat waste water?

Waste water speaks for itself it is water that is overwhelmed with wast. It can and will be contaminated with everything from ecoli to hepatitis to lead. Treating waster water keeps us all safe. If a waste water treatment facility is not accesable then filtration with sand and charcole along with boiling the water will help with the removal of deadly chemicals and harmful waste. without treating waste water, if you were to drink it.....(unless your indestructable) you will become very very very ill and it will be very very very fatal.

How do they get water in space?

Currently you have to take it with you (or reprocess fluid waste).

What percent of waste water in Mexico City is now purified?


Another suggestion how Singapore can another water supply?

Currently, Singapore is getting water by buying from Malaysia, treating waste water, desalination of salt water and collection of rain water. They could try to condense the water vapor around the area since it has over 90% humidity almost all the time. However, the cost could be too high to make it a feasible method.

Why are water waste treatment facilities not treating pharmaceutical pollutants?

Mainly because: How, precisely, do you propose they do this; and how much are you willing to spend in increased water/sewage fees for it? I mean, sure, we could distill our waste water so that it's absolutely pure, but that would be ridiculously expensive.

How can soil water and air pollution be prevented?

putting policies on bush burning/charcoal burning improving on agricultural practices treating of waste products

What percentage of the waste water in Mexico city is purified now?

I guess you mean "treated." Only 15% of waste water is treated. The remaining is reused in irrigated agriculture, including alfalfa, barley, wheat and corn.

What is a common concern about Mexico maquiladoras?

These manufacturing plants dump waste illegally. This has contaminated the water supply in Texas and California.

What is Water mixed with waste?

It is waste water.

How can you stop toilet waste in oceans?

By treating the waste before letting the water go back into the environment. the reason this is not done properly is because the average person will not vote for the officials that would make them pay to have this done because everyone wants a free ride.

Does Vancouver Victoria and Halifax dump their waste into the ocean without treating it first?

From somebody that lives on the West Coast I can tell you that theirs water treatment plants there and the waste goes thru into before it's released into the ocean, maybe a small amount may seep out.

Why is there water conflict?

water conflicts are currently caused by people poluting the water and using it to dump waste for when it flows into other countries, another reason is people looking to own the rivers and not share with other people