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The price for scrap copper right now is about $3 per pound

and 15p a pound in the UK.

the price of copper have dropped loads because it can be made so cheap in china.

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Q: If you recycle copper how much money do you get?
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If you recycle copper in CA how much money do you get?


Is it cheaper to recycle copper than to use new copper?

It can be up to 90% cheaper to recycle copper

How much money do you get if you recycle cans in Hobart Oklahoma?

You get about $150

Can you get paid to recycle copper?


How much money is copper per pounds?

1200 lbs. in copper

How much money do you get if you recycle plastic?

it is about 2-3 cent per pound

You were hired by a laboratory to recycle 6 moles of silver ions You were given 150 g of copper How many grams of silver can you recover Is this enough copper to recycle 6 moles of silver ions?

No you need more copper

How do you recycle grass-coloured copper?

we recycle grass copper by putting it through a sinthenizer. this cleans and breaks it down into 3 parts: moloculer, radaculer and pure. pure is most expenive and used for coins.

Can you recycle pennies?

You cannot recycle a US copper penny as only the mint is legally allowed to melt the currency. It is a Federal offense to melt any US currency for sale despite the copper penny being worth less than it's face value. The Federal mint is losing money on every copper penny it mints and keeps in circulation today, which is one of the strongest reasons for ending it's circulation.

Can you recycle copper wire from a house fire?

Yes you can but it would no longer be clean copper so price may change

How much is 1kg of copper worth?

1kg of money give or take...

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non cuz everyone except me r turds got that