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Q: Is it illegal to ride a mountain bike with a 49cc motor on it?
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Can you ride your 49cc pocket bike on a public side walk?

no it is illegal

What does 49cc mean?

what is a 49cc dirt bike

Is it illegal to ride a 49cc pocket ATV or dirt bike on the street in nova scotia or is there an age limit?

yes you can

What does the fuel valve do on a 49cc dirt bike?

What's does the fuel valve do on a 49cc dirt bike

How do you deristrict a 49cc dirt bike?

well, who rides a 49cc dirt bike just ride a 50cc

Hi does a 49cc quad dirt bike and a 49cc road bike 2wheels have the same carbi havn trouble with the dirt bike carbi want 2 swap with the road bike 1?


Can you ride a 49cc gas scooter on a bike path in Colorado?

No. Most bike paths do not allow motorized traffic. Read the specific bike paths rules. 49cc scooters are now classified as 'low power scooters'. This does not mean they are the same as a bicycle. 49cc scooters can ride in bike lanes though.

You have been caught riding a 49cc pocket bike in nsw and you want to know if it is illegal to ride them or if it is legal thanks?

yea it's illegal but if ur careful enuf u can get caught aye lol.

Do you need a license to drive a 49cc bike in Texas?

Haha Nice question.Im pretty sure you DO need a license to ride a bike with a motor on it in Texas.My family lives down there and the police just wanna make sure it is yours and your safe.& once again...FUNNY question :]

What is the smallest cc in a pocket bike?

49cc to 110cc

Do a 49cc pocket dirt-bike have a clutch?


What kind of Motor oil do i need for my 49cc 2 stroke dirt bike?

buy garden engine oil from Halfords then follow your manual instructions for a mix