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Yes, it is possible to recycle bottle caps for money. Different recycling companies will pay so much for each bottle cap recycled or go by number of pounds in bottle caps in order to determine how much to pay for them.

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I have bins full of caps and bottles that have never been used. They were for my beauty business but I was unable to use them and now want to recycle or sell them. They are co balt blue and the bottles are 4 oz size. Hundreds of caps and at least 100 bottles.

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Q: Is it possible to recycle bottle caps for money?
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Are bottle caps safe?

Bottle caps are generally considered safe for normal use when properly handled and disposed of. However, small children may be at risk of choking if they have access to bottle caps. It is important to keep bottle caps out of reach of children and recycle them properly to prevent harm to the environment.

Why can't you recycle bottle caps?

probably the plastic they are made from isn't yet recyclable.

What is the money for fallout 1?

bottle caps

Is it possible for human to eat a bottle cap?

It is possible because bottle caps are small but it is not possible for it to digest. By: Eghosa and Danielle Age: 12

Where can you find recycle code 7?

you can find them on the bottem of plastic drink bottles and in side the tops of plastic drink bottle caps.

What happens when you get all of the bottel caps on resedent evil 4?

each row of bottle caps completed gives u money

How much water does Aqua Pure recycle per day?

Aqua Pure recycles about one million bottles every day. They are one of the leading companies in the recycling industry. They recycle everything even the bottle caps.

Why are bottle caps currency in fallout?

because there more common than normal paper money

What recycling companies in PA will give go money for turning in plastic bottle caps?


Where to buy bottle caps?

A home brewing supply store will carry bottle caps.

Do bottle caps attract to magnets?

Most bottle caps are made of steel or aluminum, which are not magnetic materials. So, bottle caps themselves do not attract to magnets. Some bottle caps may have a plastic lining that also would not be magnetic.

How many plastic bottle caps equals 400 pounds?

It depends on the weight of a single plastic bottle cap. Without knowing the weight of a single cap, it's not possible to calculate how many caps equal 400 pounds.