Is peat moss sheep manure

Updated: 10/26/2022
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No, peat moss is not sheep manure since it is partially decayed vegetation, primarily sphagnum moss.

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Q: Is peat moss sheep manure
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What soil is better for growing marigolds sphagnum peat moss or cow manure with organic compost?

When in doubt go with manure! When in doubt go with manure!!

What are the alternative words for fertilizer?

Synonyms: buffalo chips, compost, cow chips, dung, guano, humus, manure, maul, mulch, peat moss, plant food, potash, top dressingCompost, Manure, Mulch, Peat Moss, Potash, Buffalo/ Cow Chips, Dung, Guano, Humus, Plant Food :]

Is peat moss the same as peat?

No, peat moss is a growing, living plant, when peat moss dies and given the right conditions it will eventually become peat.

Is peat moss biodegradable?

yes peat moss is biodegradable.

Should we use peat moss in our gardens?

Using peat moss depends on the soil you have. If it is alkaline, then peat moss may help.

What is black peat moss?


What is the Hebrew word for peat?

Peat or Peat Moss = kavúl (כבול)

Is peat found in swamps?

Yes, peat is found in swamps. Peat is formed in swamps. Moss is found hanging from trees in swamps. Have you heard the term "peat moss"........

What organic material have the most absorbency of water in soil?

peat moss. peat moss absorbs water through their dead cells and because peat moss is used for transporting plants.

What is the scientific name for peat moss?

The scientific name for peat moss is sphagnum.

Is peat moss a eukaryote?

no, moss don't have a nucleus.

Is peat moss poisonous to toads?

Only if the peat moss has been treated with toxic pesticides, or if the toad is unfortunate enough to breathe in spores from the toxic fungus that sometimes harbours in peat moss.