Is petechiae harmful

Updated: 10/26/2022
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Petechiae is a problem that affects capillary blood vessels and shows as small red spots under the skin surface anywhere on the body. The rash is not a disease but can be a sign of a health problem or disease including lupus, viral infections, leukemia, and rheumatoid Arthritis. A doctor will be able to identify the cause of petechiae.

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Q: Is petechiae harmful
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Does petechiae itch?

No it does not, scabies,gives etc .. Do but PETECHIAE does not itch .

Do Petechiae always accompany strangulation?


What is the other term for large petechiae?


What does petechiae indicate in infective endocarditis?

distal embolization

What is the cause of petechiae in horses?

Petechiae in horses is when bleeding occurs underneath the skin. It is caused by equine infectious anemia, or EIA as it is also known. Red blotches are visible on the gum.

What is the difference between petechiae and purpura they look almost the same?

petechiae -- diameter :3 to 4 mm purpura -- diameter 4mm to 1cm ecchymosis -- more than 1cm

What is the medical term meaning pinpoint flat spot caused by bleeding within the skin?

Petechiae are pinpoint flat spots caused by bleeding beneath the skin

What are the causes of petechiae?

Petechiae can be caused by various factors such as trauma, certain medical conditions like infections or autoimmune diseases, medication side effects, and deficiencies in platelets or clotting factors. It is important to consult a healthcare professional to determine the underlying cause of petechiae.

Petechiae and purpura are common signs of what?

increaed bleeding tendencies

What is the different between petechiae and ecchymoses?

Ecchymosis is referred to as a LARGE lesion; while, petechiae is referred to as a SMALL lesion. A lesion is a abnormal change in the structure of a organ or part due to an injury or disease.

What is petechia?

Petechiae are small, purplish, hemorrhagic spots on the skin that appear in certain diseases. It is usually due to an abnormality of the blood-clotting system.

What is the first sign of the severity of meningococcemia?

The first signs of the infection's severity are small bleeding spots seen on the skin (petechiae). A doctor should always suspect meningococcemia when he/she finds an acutely ill patient with fever, chills, and petechiae.