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No. The chain is the part made up of links that travels from the circular part or parts with teeth (look for that part down by where your feet would rest on the pedals) back to a circular piece on the rear wheel axle. Depending on the speed of the bike that could be but one ring with teeth (single speed) or more than one ring if the bike was multi-speed. The chain forms a loop around these rings and is attached together with a pin. A wheel is a wheel. Obviously, one on the front and one in the back. The axle is the part that travels through the middle of the wheel and allows said wheel to bolt to the frame.

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Q: Is the chain of a bike a wheel and axle?
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What is an example of an wheel and axel?

You could say a bike wheel is a wheel and axle. Also a doorknob is a wheel and axle.

Which of the following uses a wheel and an axle?


Does a bike chain apply torque?

Yes. The chain applies a linear force to the cog on the rear wheel. It pulls it forward when we "go" on the bike. The teeth on the cog, where the linear force is applied, are arranged around the center of rotation of the rear axle. This applies a force to the axle that is "off center" with the axis of rotation of the axle. The axle is perpendicular to the plane of the cog, and this is true. But the actual "pull" of the chain is on the back teeth and the top teeth of the cog. The axle cannot move forward because it is fixed, but the axle can rotate because a good portion of the force applied to it causes it to turn. A bike chain applies torque to the rear wheel. Torque is a momentary force, and in the case of the bike chain, a continuous series of moments of force applied to the rear wheel by the chain turns the rear wheel. Another way to look at the problem is to consider that the feet move up and down (and a little forward and back) on the pedals. The crank and chain ring turn around. The chain moves in a line or displays linear motion, and the rear wheel displays rotary motion. The transition from linear motion to rotary motion applies the idea of torque.

Wheel and axle examples?

stearing wheel,wheel on a bike,real on a fishing rod

What is a wheel with a rope chain or belt around it?

wheel and axle

What simple machine are in a motor bike?

Wheel and axle

What are two examples of wheel and axle?

A bike and a can opener.

What is the scientific definition of a wheel and axle?

an axle to which a wheel is fastened so that torque applied to the wheel winds a rope or chain onto the axle, yielding a mechanical advantage equal to the ratio of the diameter of the wheel to that of the axle.

What simple machines make up a bike?

wheel and axle

Where do you need less of friction on a bike?

You need less friction on a bike mostly in the moving parts like the chain, pedals, and wheel bearings to ensure smooth and efficient movement. Keeping these areas well-lubricated and maintained can help reduce friction and improve the bike's performance.

What are the uses of wheel and axle?

bike, car, faris wheel. EVERY THING AROUND YOU BASCILLY

What simple machines make up a exercise bike?

wheel and axle