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Don't think I understand what you're asking about. A Presta valve have two moving parts. They're rarely moved and don't see much load. Mechanical advantage as it's defined just isnt particularly important for a Presta valve.

In use there's a small design advantage to Prestas since they are narrower than Schraders. Meaning there's less strength lost to a rim drilled for Presta than for Schrader.

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A presta valve is used to inflate or deflate tires. It is comprised of an outer valve and an inner tube with a screw lid. It is used for high pressure tires and mountain bikes.

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Q: Mechanical advantage of presta valve of bicycle?
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Where to find a presta valve adapter?

Any bicycle shop, and the bicycle section of many department stores would be able to sell you one.

What is a presta tire?

A Presta Tire would be a tubular tire with a Presta valve. A Presta tube would be more common, and is an inner tube with a Presta valve. Presta is a typ of valve used for bicycles that is a bit narrower and needs to be opened and shut manually when inflating/deflating.

What does presta mean?

Presta is the name for a type of valve used for bicycles.

How is it possible to put air inside the tire of a bicycle?

Well, you need a pump, or a compressor with the right type of nozzle for the type of valve you're using. Then, if you have a Presta valve, you need to know how to open it. Once you have that it's no problem inflating a bicycle tire.

What is a presta valve?

The pipe - the valve stem - is narrower at the top. And the valve spindle sits with a thicker part below the narrower part of the stem. When you turn the little nut on top of the spindle you pull the thicker part of the spindle into the narrower part of the stem to create a seal and to close the valve. To open you unscrew the nut and push the spindle down.

How do you turn regular airpumps head insides to fit presta values?

The regular pump is called a schrader valve, and to use a pump intended to fit schrader valves you need an adapter. I have two adapters, I bought one at the bike shop and one came with my bike pump. To use the adapter, you open the presta valve, then screw the adapter down over the open presta valve.

What is a schrader mountain bike tube?

The two most common types of valves for bicycle tubes are either Presta(narrow, common on road bikes) and schrader. Schrader is thicker, and has the same mechanism as a regular car tire valve. A shrader MTB tube is simply a tube with a Schrader valve.

How does pneumatic bicycle pump work?

You'll have to start with determining which kind of valve you've got. For the US there are basically two options:Schraeder valve, the same as on a carPresta valve, which is narrower.Then find a pump with the appropriate nozzle. For Schraeder, just remove the cap and go at it. Particulary if you're filling from a compressor, don't exceed the max allowable pressure stated on the tire sidewall.For Presta, remove the cap, undo the locknut, give the valve a push to break the seal. Then apply the nozzle and inflate the tube.For Europeans there's the added option of the Dunlop valve, which can be inflated with the same type nozzle as the Presta, but there's no locknut that needs to be opened.

Can you use a car pump on a bicycle?

Depends on the type of valves the bicycle wheels have. Many use Schrader, which is the same as for cars, but quite a few use a Presta valve, which is skinnier. Im that case you also need an adapter. Real narrow road tires can take higher pressures than what's usually used in car tires, which can be a problem if you want them really topped up.

How do you inflate a bell ultra lite inner tube?

Same way you'd inflate any inner tube, get hold of a pump with the correct nozzle, if it's a presta - open the valve, attach pump, inflate to correct pressure, remove pump, if it's a presta - close valve, done!

Can you fix a regular inner tube valve?

First of all there's not really anything like a "regular" valve, it would depend on type of bike and where in the world you are. There is a choice of three: * presta * schraeder * dunlop And they can all be considered "regular" in some setting. All Dunlops are fully serviceable, some Presta are too, and Schraeders are also supposed to be serviceable - assuming you have the right valve core removing tool.

What do the two valves inside a bicycle pump look like?

The two valves inside a bicycle pump are typically rubber or plastic flaps that form a seal to prevent air from escaping when inflating the tire. One valve is for Presta valves and is longer and narrower, while the other is for Schrader valves and is shorter and wider.