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High levels of attraction to pest, nitrogen and smell are the disadvantages of manure. The natural fertilizer in question delivers such primary macro-nutrients as nitrogen quickly to the soil and its soil food web members. But at the same time the organic compost in question may draw in unwelcome parasites, pathogens and pests and result in lush above-ground growth at the expense of fruiting in plants.

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Q: What are the disadvantages of manure?
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What are the disadvantages of organic manure?

The main disadvantage that the content and strength varies so it is difficult to add the correct quantity.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of green manure?

Advantages of green manure include improving soil fertility, increasing organic matter content, and reducing soil erosion. However, disadvantages can include the time and effort required to grow and incorporate green manure crops, potential competition with cash crops for resources, and the risk of introducing new pests or diseases.

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Is horse manure good lawn fertilizer?

Horse manure is a good fertilizer, however, their are other animal manure that is better, such as cow manure. Horse manure works fine too though.but the best to use is elephant manure.

How do you prepare manure?

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What is the purpose of a manure spreader?

A manure spreader does exactly what its name implies it does, it spreads manure. It is most useful in larger fields, where spreading manure by hand is not feasible.

Is buffalo manure fossil fuel?

Buffalo manure is not a fossil fuel because are non- renewable and buffalo manure is renewable. How ever Buffalo Manure can be used as a fuel.

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