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BR stands for Bulk Reflector, that are traditionally for incandescent reflector lamps, not halogen Par lamps, which mean Parabolic Aluminized Reflector.

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Q: What does br40 mean when it refers to a halogen light bulb?
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What is difference between R40 and BR40 light bulbs?

R40 is a Red Heat Lamp Light Bulb BR40 is a Clear Heat Lamp Light Bulb

What type of gas is in a tungsten-halogen light bulb?

Halogen gas is in a Tungsten-Halogen Light Bulb.

BR30 bulb fit in BR40 fixture?

Yes, a BR30 bulb can fit into a BR40 fixture. However, there may be a small gap in the fixture due to the size difference between the two bulb types. This size difference may impact the aesthetics of the fixture but should not affect the functionality of the bulb.

What size is a halogen bulb?

Halogen light bulbs are made in a variety of sizes to meet different needs.

What gas is a halogen filled with?

Halogen is a gas, so your question doesn't make much sense. If you're asking about a halogen (light) bulb, then the answer is: mainly halogen.

How many lumen's in a MR16-50W halogen bulb?

A typical MR16-50W halogen bulb produces around 900-1000 lumens of light.

How long does a halogen light bulb last?

Any where from 3000-6000 hours :)

When You Need Bright Light?

A halogen floor lamp with a 300 watt halogen bulb will illuminate a room from wall to wall. While a halogen bulb gives off very radiant, bright light, you must be very careful because it also gets tremendously hot.

Can you mix incandescent bulb with halogen bulb in same light fitting?

Yes, the halogen bulb would provide about 30% more brightness (lumens) for the same electric power rating. So 70 watt halogen is about equal to 90-100 watt incandescent.

Where can one purchase a halogen light bulb?

Halogen lamps are also known as quartz iodine lamps. Halogen light bulbs can be purchased at a number of hardware stores including Lowes and Home Depot.

What is isnside a light bulb?

There are several types of light bulb. A basic incandescent bulb will contain a tungsten filament, surrounded by a vacuum. Variations may have an inert gas inside the bulb, such as halogen.

Is a 360 watt 86 volt halogen light ac or DC?

A halogen bulb works equally well with AC or DC.