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Both exercises are good for the body. However because I am a cyclist, I would say riding a bike would be the best form of exercise.

Fact: It is easier for a person who walks/jogs or runs on a daily basis to become a cyclist easier than a cyclist trying to become a runner.

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Q: What excerises the body the best walking or riding a bicycle?
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What is the best bicycle for a teenage girl?

The best bicycle is generally one that fits your body and riding style. Check out the excellent essay on frame sizing by Sheldon Brown in related links.

What is the best tranpotion?

Do you mean transportation? Riding a bike or walking is a good way of transportation.

Where can I find safe summer bike riding tips for the whole family?

There are a lot of websites which offer safe bike riding tips. The best one to visit is Bicycle Safe at

Can a bicicle ride on ice?

It is not recommended to ride a bicycle on ice as it can be very slippery and dangerous. Ice can cause the bicycle to lose traction and lead to accidents. It is best to avoid riding a bicycle on icy surfaces for safety reasons.

What is the best bicycle for asphalt and off road riding?

Either a hybrid or a cyclocross bike. Note that neither of those is meant for jumps and drops.

What is the best workout for my pregnant wife?

Good exercises to do while pregnant include low intensity exercise such as walking and swimming. You can also join classes such as yoga and Pilates, or ride a bicycle or stationary bicycle.

Why would riding a bike be more tiring than walking?

Looking at the strict physics and mechanics of it, it shouldn't be. A bicycle is one of the most efficient travelling machines humanity has ever invented. With the ability to coast, and for the saddle to carry some of your body weigh, covering a set distance on a bicycle should consume less energy than doing it walking. The most probable reason why riding a bike feels more tiring is that you're simply not used to it. Bicycle riding uses a slightly different set of muscles than walking, so if you aren't a regular rider, these muscles will tire quickly. And while it's quite easy to avoid riding a bicycle, almost all people walk at least some distance daily. Those muscles almost always get some amount of daily training. Other options include: - a poor riding position. Saddle too low will restrict your leg extension and make the pedaling motion inefficient. - not using it right. Humans - like all engines - have a span of resistance and rate-of-turning where we are as most efficient. For bicycle riding this is generally agreed to be at a cadence - rate-of-turn on the pedals - between 80-100. To many rookie riders this feels unnaturally high, and they insist on grinding it out by pedaling slow-and-hard instead. And tire quickly. If you are using a geared bike, select a gear that lets you pedal at 80-100 rpm. Pedaling fast-and light is the ticket to efficient riding. - a bike in poor condition. Low tire pressure, dragging brakes, rusty chain, stiff bearings etc. All these and more can rob a fair bit of efficiency from a bicycle. - trying to ride in really poor road conditions. A bicycle is a wonderfully efficient travelling machine - as long as it's rideable. When road conditions gets so poor that you're down to a walking pace or even pushing the bike, then you'd be better off without it. - the enjoyment factor gets the best of you. Maybe riding is simply so much fun that you go at it harder, thus making yourself more tired than what walking had made you for the same amount of time.

How long is a block?

The size of a block varies and is not a consistant measure in most communities. The best thing to do is to use a car or bicycle with a odometer to measure the lengths of the blocks you are walking or running.

What is a sentence using the word precaution?

As a precaution, he locked his bicycle whenever he wasn't using it. The best precaution when using paint is to have adequate ventilation. Wearing a heavy jacket is a sensible precaution when riding a motorcycle.

How did the bike change the world?

Today it isn't particularly important, but back in the days of the beginning of the industrial era, the bicycle was the first affordable vehicle for personal transportation, which enabled people to work, study and socialize outside walking distance of their homes. On a smaller scale bicycling, just like any other activity, can have a large impact on a individual life. Some have met their wife, husband, best friend, employer etc through bicycling. Some become a very good riders and make their fame and fortune through riding. Someone get killed or badly injured through riding. The bicycle was the first widely affordable means of personal transportation. It enabled people to work, study and socialize outside walking range of their homes.

What is the best kind of bicycle?

There's no such thing, you might as well ask for the best tool, the best meal or the best whatever. The best bicycle is the one that's most suited for what you want to do with it. BMX bikes suck if you want to go places, but are great for riding around doing tricks and jumps. Hybrids, tourers and road bikes are great for going places, but wno't do well on anything more strenuous than a garden path. The most all round ir probably an XC MTB. It can cover some decent distances and will still stand up to fairly rough riding with some jumps and stuff..

Which bicycle is best for the city?