What is a fixie bike?

Updated: 10/21/2022
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Fixie bike are bikes (usually road bike frames) that have a fixed rear sprocket which allows you to pedal forward like normal, but does not allow you to just coast . If you pedal backwards it goes backwards if you pedal slow it will remain slow. The whole point of a fixie is to eliminate brakes shifters to simplify a road bike.

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Q: What is a fixie bike?
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What is the worst brand fixie bike?


Where can a Fixie bike be purchased?

One can purchase a Fixie bike from Walmart for as little as $100. They can also be purchased from both Amazon and Ebay or in the UK one can buy from Halfords.

If a bike has semi-horizontal dropouts can it be turn into a fixie?

Any bike can be turned into a fixie, at varying degrees of difficulty. But if the rear wheel can be moved back & forth to adjust chain tension it'll be so much easier.

Where can you buy fixie bikes?

Don't think you can, unless you pay someone to build you a 24" wheel round a fixie hub. Fixed gear bikes are almost only used for road/track cycling, while 24" is MTB DH/ Dirt territory, where a fixie would be really awkward. Easiest kludge is probably to find a bike with 24" disc brake wheels, then slap on a Tomicog. I'll post a link about them. Remember that you need to ditch the rear derailer, and that the frame has to have horizontal dropouts.

Where should you buy a good but cheap fixie bike in ssf?

U can buy one on Craigslist (used)

Is there a difference between a track bike and a fixed gear bike?

Well, a track bike is a bike dedicated for use on a velodrome. It has a fixed gear, no brakes, often a steel drop bar and some other features. But with a but of determination you can stick a fixed gear rear wheel in any kind of bike. The wouldn't make it a track bike, but would make it a fixie. If you want to be hard core in your fixie riding, the "purest" is of course to ride a track bike in traffic too.

What kind of bicycle does Brandon Boyd ride?

its a fixie bike (fixed gear ) custom designed but not sure what brand

Do fixies only have road bike wheels?

Most fixies follow the fixie ideal of looking like track bike frames being used for general riding.And since track bikes use very narrow tires, many fixies does too.It's possible to build fixie wheels for any kind of bike. But not being able to coast is such a big drawback that not many people find any use for such a bike.

What is a bike with skinny wheels called?

Several options:road biketrack bikeTT(time trial) or Triathlon bikeor these days, maybe a fixie

What's the best starter BMX bike?

If you haven't ridden a bike before at all I'd suggest that you don't start with a fixie. If you already know how to ride, and want to take up fixie riding, then go for a bike with front + rear brakes and good pedal-to-ground clearance(=short cranks).

Can you put a bmx bike in fixed gear mode?

Kinda, sorta. You can certainly (have someone) build a BMX wheel around a fixie hub. I suppose you could somehow disable the freewheeling action of a regular hub too, but I wouldn't recommend it. Putting back pressure on the pedals on a bike that hasn't a real fixie hub can cause the sprocket to unscrew.

What is the smallest fixie size?

Considering that a fixie hub can be built into any size rim, you can have a fixie in any size - as long as you're ready to pay for having a wheel built.