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Q: What is a mongoose society like?
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How did the mongoose cricket bat get its name?

The bat is small but ferocious, like a Mongoose.

What is a herpestoid?

A herpestoid is a herpestine (mongoose-like) humanoid creature. It is also any animal similar to a mongoose.

What Pokemon looks like a mongoose?


Ermine environment look like?

They look like a mongoose but white.

What animals eats mongoose?

most of them like wild dogs cats and some of the wild bears also eats a mongoose

Can monggoseeds separated by filtration?

No, mongoose seeds cannot be separated by filtration as they do not have physical seeds like plants. Mongoose is a mammal and does not have seeds.

Mongoose vs Cobra?

A cobra and a mongoose are not particularly similar as animals go; a cobra is a reptile and a mongoose is a mammal, however, they, like other vertebrates, do have some things in common. They both have a spine, eyes, teeth, brains, and the usual internal organs, although a cobra has only one lung, as compared to a mongoose which has two. Both have skin, although the cobra has scaly skin and the mongoose has furry skin.

Can a mongoose swim?

Yes, all types of mongooses can swim. Though the mongoose is primarily a land animal, some species of the mongoose live near the water, and are semiaquatic, and have webbed like feet. The Marsh mongoose, the Ring Tailed mongoose, and the Crab eating mongoose, either eat fish or amphibians in their diets, and part of their food resource are in water (either swamps, marshes, or sea water).

What is a mongoose male called?

A male mongoose is called a mongoose

Can a waffle be used to kill a mongoose?

That is a very strange question! Generally, a mongoose is a weasle like creature, and a waffle is a dessert. A waffle can't jump out at you or hurt you, but if a mongoose eats one, it could get sick! I think here, the awnser is no, but you never know what eating a waffle could do to a mongoose!

Do mongoose have feathers?


Why is a mongoose a good pet?

YES! Especially in areas like India- the mongoose will kill any snakes around the house.