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I'll leave you to do the math

on it but figure it like this. Stainless Heavy ferrous steel goes for about 5c per pound US. Aluminium is over a dollar a pound, Pure copper is between $3.50 and $4 depending on the day and both copper and zinc wire are around 50c to 70c a pound. These are just raw guesses as I only scrap out small items and the occasional car. But basing the average breakage price for most cars I've scraped out in the past few months, at around $400-700 depending on the make/size.... Here's an idea for two different ways to do this:

If you took the time to break it down, removing the engine block, transmission, tires (from their rims), and pulled the wiring out et al, you'll probably get upwards of $3000-$5000 or more for a full size bus, depending on what materials are used on the inside, for the seats and trim, window siding and the like. Figure around $1000 for a small "short" bus. The extent of any damage will also have a bearing on the valuation.

If you drove/towed it to a larger recycling company that has the tools manpower to break it down, they may buy it outright from you. Often, take the actual price and subtract 1/3 from it for the labour and time it takes for them to break it down.


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Scrap metal prices change almost daily. Call your local scrap metal yard for current prices.

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Q: What is the scrap metal value of a school bus?
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