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A bicycle's speed is limited by several factors. Below is a list of some of these factors that limit bicycle speed.

-Gear the bicycle is in.

-Weight of bicycle and/or rider.

-Size of gears.


-Tire size

-Strength or power of the rider.

-One key point to note is that the speed at which a rider can spin the wheel is related to the ratio between the front gear size and the rear gear size. If the front gear is larger than the rear gear, the rear gear(and thus the tire) can achieve a higher spin rate because one spin of the front gear will equate to multiple spins of the rear gear. Therefore the better the ratio is, the faster the bike can travel. Also, the tire size can be a limiting factor of a bicycle's speed. If the rear gear spins at 1RPM and the rear tire has a circumference of 1 meter, then 1 meter will be traveled every minute. So plainly the greater the circumference the better. This also brings in a third factor however, the weight of the tire. At a certain size, the tire becomes so heavy that friction of the wheel on the ground makes it more difficult to achieve motion. The lighter the tire is the less friction it will create.

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The ability of the rider...

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Q: What limits the speed of the bicycle?
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