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i think it is kinetic energy to thermal energy.

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Kinetic energy gets turned into heat by friction.

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heat and sound energy will be produced due to the increase of friction

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Potential energy turns to kinetic energy as the bike picks up speed, kinetic energy turns into thermal energy as the brakes bring it to a stop.

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Q: What type of energy occurs when you hit the brakes on a bike?
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What type of energy occurs when people ride a bike?

kinetic energy

Deseribe Brakes in a bicycle as a simple machines?

Depends on the type of brakes, but most bike brakes would use levers.

Are bicycle brakes considered as hydraulic action?

depends on the type. There are hydraulic bike brakes, but most are mechanical.

What type of energy is found in brakes?

Heat energy

What type of energy is a moving bike?

The energy associated with a moving bike is kinetic energy, which is the energy of motion. As the pedals rotate and the wheels turn, the bike gains kinetic energy due to its motion.

Lightweight bicycles have what type of brakes?

Depends on how far you want to take it, and what kind of bike it is. The most common type of light weight bike is probably a road bike, and they are generally equipped with caliper rim brakes, with single-pivot being the lightest design available. But there are also light weight MTBs, and they generally run disc brakes. A MTB for flat terrain can still have straight-pull brakes(v-brakes), which is a kind of rim brake too. They can still be lighter than disc brakes although braking isn't quite as good.

When you pedal a bike you use what type of energy?

When you pedal a bike, you convert chemical energy stored in your body into mechanical energy to move the bike forward. This process involves muscle contractions to turn the pedals and propel the bike.

What type of energy is it when you move a handle or bike pedal and the gears or bike tires keep moving?

That would be mechanical energy, as the movement of the handle or pedal is transferring energy to the gears or bike tires, causing them to move.

How much do dirt bike brakes cost?

it all depends on the type of bike. Do you have one in mind? I'm not sure how much it cost but you should go into a local dirt bike shop and find out. I hope his helps

If a bike is resting at the top of a hill what type of energy would it be?

The bike at the top of a hill would possess potential energy due to its elevated position.

What is the type of energy transformation that occurs in the microwave?

electical energy is transform to heat energy

Which type of energy transfer occurs when a battery flashlight is turned on?

electrical energy