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In most cases the front panel of PC case is made of ABS plastic (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene), plastic, usually gray or white in volume, but the exterior can be painted in any color. In fact, most of the details of plastic used in phones, gadgets and computers are also made ​​of ABS plastic, all thanks to its low density, simple molding technology and good mechanical resistance.

usually gray or white in volume, but the exterior can be painted in any color.

Or it is dyed while in its molten so the color runs throughout so the look is much more durable.

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Q: What type plastic is on computer case?
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What do you call the plastic or metal case that holds the components of a computer together?


What type of plastic are computer keyboards made from?

computer keyboards are made from ABS (Acrylo-nitrile-butadiene-styrene) plastic

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The "case" of the computer is the box that holds all the computers parts. Hard Drive, Motherboard, Disk Drives, etc. Computer Cases are often made of aluminum of plastic

What is the plastic case?

A case made from plastic.

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Never buy silicon only buy plastic case or soft plastic case the silicon one will make a scratch on back of you ipod. Never get a cheap rubber case either. If you try to type anything in random letters and numbers will popup. Plastic is the best.

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The outer shell of a computer is called the computer case or chassis. It is typically made of metal or plastic and houses all the internal components of the computer, providing protection and organization for the hardware.

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The case is not normally considered computer hardware. However it is "hardware" in the same sense things that you buy in a Hardware Store are hardware (e.g. sheet metal, angle brackets, screws, washers, nuts, nails, plastic, paint).

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