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Q: When was the roller chain invented?
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Is 8mm and 35 roller chain the same?

No. 35 chain is a US size, and corresponds to .375 pitch from roller to roller. The 8mm size is 8mm pitch, which is .315. If you google metric roller chain pitch, and roller chain pitch, you'll see charts of all the sizes.

How do most roller coaster start?

Most Roller Coasters start with a chain or powered launch.

Which timing chain type is also called a silent chain?


How old was the person who invented roller skates?

the man who invented roller skates was 100000000 years old

What is the metric roller chain close to a size 80 standard roller chain?

For a good explanation go to

Is there a ANSI size 48 roller chain?


Did Josiah White invent the roller coaster?

No. Nioles Nickilehead invented the roller coaster.

Does the GM 3400 have a timing chain or timing belt?

it has a double-roller timing chain.

When was the first water roller coaster invented?

OMGthe first water roller coster was invented one dating back to 1898

Where was the paint roller invented?


When to change chain in a Chain drive?

please explain in detail how check chain elongation exp: roller chain RS 100

What make roller coasters go up?

A chain.