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One can purchase cardboard mailing tubes at many local office supply stores, large retailers such as Wal-Mart, or at a local postal or shipping store.

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Q: Where can one get cardboard mailing tubes?
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Where can I buy mailing tubes for my fragile documents?

There are a multitude of places to order mailing tubes. You should be able to find one in any fedex or other shipping store, but you can also buy them online at , , or .

How would one describe mailing tubes?

Mailing tubes are tubes that one can put mail in. Generally, it is best for shipping things that are long, or tube shaped. They can be found at any post office.

Where can I purchase heavy duty mailing tubes in bulk online?

Here's one place where you can buy them: They take custom orders.

Where can one buy plastic mailing tubes?

Plastic mailing tubes are sold at Bestvaluesupply, Quill, Office Depot, OfficeMax, Staples, Reliable Paper, The Office Dealer, ShippingSupply, and ReStockIt.

Which websites sell the cheapest cardboard tubes?

I'm not exactly sure where to obtain cardboard tubes via the internet. Craigslist or another classifieds listing would be my first option if I were looking to obtain large quantities of cardboard tubing.

Where can I pick up low cost mailing tubes for posters?

You can pick up mailing tubes for posters from your local post office.

How do you make a improvised telescope?

How to make an improvised telescope? Things You'll Need: · Two convex lenses of different size and magnifying power (the lenses from two magnifying glasses will work) · Two cardboard shipping tubes, one larger than the other · Cardboard · Duct tape · 1 Estimate the focal length of the larger lens (the objective) by using it to focus sunlight onto the pavement (not onto flammable material) and moving it up or down until the light focuses to a single bright point. The distance between the ground and the lens is the focal length. · 2 Cut a hole in the end of the larger of the two cardboard mailing tubes; make it almost the size of the larger lens. Attach the larger lens securely to the end using duct tape. · 3 Remove the plastic end caps of the small mailing tube if it has them. If not, cut out the one end and cut a hole in the other a little smaller than the size of the small lens (the eyepiece lens). · 4 Cut out a couple pieces of cardboard that are roughly the diameter of the large mailing tube and cut a hole in each the size of the small mailing tube. Insert the small mailing tube into these pieces of cardboard (they should be near the end of the tube a couple inches or so apart) and tape or glue them on securely. · 5 Check the length of the two mailing tubes combined; it should be greater than the focal length of your objective but not more than three times the focal length or it may be difficult to focus properly. Trim a little off one end of the smaller mailing tube if necessary. · 6 Tape the eyepiece lens securely to the other end of the small mailing tube (opposite where the pieces of cardboard are attached). · 7 Remove the plastic cap from the end of the large mailing tube and insert the small mailing tube into it. Point your telescope at a distant object and move the small mailing tube further into the large one until the object is in focus.

What are cardboard shipping tubes used for?

Cardboard shipping tubes may be used for a variety of products but the most common items sent in these tubes include blueprints, posters and artwork. These tubes may be bought from OfficeMax or Staples.

What are the largest mailing tubes you can mail in the US?

Maximum length for a mailing tube is 34 inches for the standard rate for Priority Mail. Larger mailing tubes may require additional postage. Call 1.800.ASK.USPS to inquire about tubes that exceed 34 inches.

Where is it possible to buy mailing tubes?

Mailing tubes, the sort of thing one would mail a rolled up poster in for example, are available from stationery stores. In the UK this includes Ryman, Staples and UK Office Direct to name but a few.

Do mailing tubes come in a variety of sizes and strengths?

Yes, mailing tubes do come in a variety of sizes and strengths. To learn more about the various sizes, visit and

What type of glue is used in cardboard tubes?

An industrial polyvinyl acetate.