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Q: Where else in Choa Chu Kang that I could find a bicycle shop besides the one opposite Choa Chu Kang bus interchange has been replaced by a spa?
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What was the bicycle replaced with?

The bicycle is still around, the only thing it's been replaced with are newer bicycles.

What is the opposite of unicycle?

I do not know if it's exactly 'opposite' but Bicycle springs to mind

What products are sold by Performance Bicycle besides bicycles?

Performance Bicycle sells many products besides bicycles. It sells cycling clothing, shoes, helmets, sunglasses, bike tools, accessories, and bike lights. It also sells tubes and tires for bicycles and foods for hydration and nutrition.

A bicycle is moving with constant velocity to the east. What is true of the applied forces?

The applied forces on the bicycle would be balanced. The force applied by the rider in pedaling is equal and opposite to the forces of friction and air resistance acting on the bicycle. This results in a net force of zero, allowing the bicycle to move with constant velocity.

What is the direction of the force of friction on wheel of bicycle?

the direction of force of friction provided from earth is in its opposite direction.i.e the wheel and frictional force are both opposite to each other

Where can one find replacement bike tires?

Bicycle tires can be bought and replaced easily at many biking stores. Bicycle Warehouse, Performance Bike, and Bicycle Tutor all sell replacement bike tires as well as teach one how to replace a bike tire.

Did Baron Von Drais invent anything else besides the bicycle?

Yes. He also invented the first typewriter with a keyboard in 1821.

What nineteenth century prototype was the Velocipede?

The Velocipede was a type of early bicycle with pedals that were attached to the front wheel. It was a precursor to the modern bicycle and was popular in the 1860s before being replaced by the more familiar chain-driven bikes.

When you ride a bicycle what forces can overcome inertia?

When you ride a bicycle, the force of the wheel against the earth causes the earth to push back on the wheel, propelling the bike forward, according to Newton's law of equal and opposite reactions. If the force exerted by the earth is strong enough, it can overcome the inertia of the bike.

What impact did the invention of the bicycle have?

Nothing really. One could imagine that it would have replaced horses, but horses were expensive, and not many had their own horse for simply riding around on. The bicycle, once the chain-driven "Safety Bike" went into mass production eventually became the first widely affordable means of personal transportation. At a push I guess you could say that bicycle riding partially replaced walking for personal transportation.

Who to maintain bicycle?

Most bicycle owners maintain their own bicycle. But, a bicycle shop may be willing to maintain a bicycle, if you ask.

Is it necessary to change a bicycle chain?

After a lot of miles, yes, you do need to change the chain. Take it to a bike shop and they have a special tool to check if your chain needs to be replaced.