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We just completed a science project comparing

Hefty Glad Target and Ruffies trash bags.

The average weights held before breaking are:

Target 47.6

Ruffies 52.3

Glad 52.0

Hefty 34.4

The winner based on weight held only!


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Q: Which is the strongest trash bag Hefty Glad Ruffies or target?
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Which is the strongest trash bag ruffies or target?

My son and I did a science project on this subject. We put weights in different trash bags to see which would hold the most weight. The Ruffies average weight was 52.3 pounds. The Target (Up and Up) brand held an average weight of 47.6 pounds. Long story short--- Winner Ruffies!

Where can you purchase Hefty trash bags?

Hefty is a very reliable trash bag brand. Hefty bags are sold at many different retailers. One might purchase Hefty bags at Walmart, Amazon, Overstock, or Kmart.

Does Hefty sell trash bags in Italy?

Hefty products can be purchased from almost anywhere in the world simply by ordering them online at the Hefty website.

When was the hefty trash bag first used in a household?

1968 by Christopher Howie, Belgium

How are trash bags made today?

It depends what kind of trash bag you get... sometimes they have the really cheap kinds... but they have really good ones out there.. the brand "hefty"

Which brand of plastic trash bags is strongest?

i think glad

What is the best trash bag company?

The best brand of trash bags has been said to be America's choice bags from Walmart. Another good choice if you are looking for good bags would be Hefty bags.

There are a lot of plastic trash bags on the market. Which one is the best one to get?

I've always used Glad plastic trash bags in my house. They are the best you can buy. You can't beat Hefty. They make the best plastic trash bags around. Definitely go with them.

What garbage bag is strongest?

The largest trash bag I found on the Internet is a 95-gallon bag that measures 61 inches by 68 inches. But in our area, Waste Management has something even larger - The Bagster aka Dumpster in a Bag. It can hold up to 3,300 pounds (3 cubic yards or 606 gallons) and measures 96x30x48 inches. Cost varies by area but bag plus pickup will be somewhere around $210.

Where cam you get all the trash packs?

big w kamart target

What is the average price of large Hefty garbage bags?

Hefty garbage bags come in a variety of sizes, amount, and type of bag. For an average sized box of indoor trash can liners, one can expect to pay between $6USD and $10USD depending on differing features.

Is it illegal to dump your trash in someone else's trash bin?

It is illegal to litter almost anywhere in the United States. Throwing trash on a highway can bring hefty fines in some parts of the United States, especially in national parks.