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Men - Marat Safin

Women - Svetlana Kuznetsova

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Q: Who was the first tennis player from the iron curtain to win the US Open?
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Who was the first player to be expelled from the Australian Open Tennis?

John McEnroe

Which us pro tennis player was the the first to be disqualified from the Australian Open?

John McEnroe

Which british player recently won his first tennis grandslam singles title and also became the first male player of UK to win tennis open tournament?

Andy Murray. But he wasn't the first U.K. player to win a Grandslam.

First black tennis player?

Althea Gibson was the first African American international tennis player. She was the first person of color to win a Grand Slam tournament when she won the French Open in 1956.

Who is the first Indian Tennis player to win boys Australian Open Junior Title?

Yuki Bhambri

Does every player in tennis play in the Australian Open?

No, tennis players have to qualify themselves to play the Australian Open.

Who was first the professional African American tennis player to win a major title at the 1956 French Open?

There was no African American champion at the 1956 French Open.

Which tennis player has written the autobiography ''open''?

Andre Agassi

What is an antonym for curtain?

No curtain. bare open

Who was the first amateur to win a grand slam in tennis?

The first amateur to win a grand slam in tennis was Don Budge. He was an American from California, and won the event in 1938.

A tennis player throw a tanatrum at the US Open?

Serena Williams

Was Arthur Ashe the first black person on tennis?

No he was not the first black men to play tennis. Though he was the first black man to win the Us open tennis. But I will try to find the first black man to play tennis.