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Q: Why waste from factories are re-used?
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How much waste water is reused?

i hope none! ew!

What are the cons of recycling?

collection costs, fumes from factories, waste from factories

What are the waste byproducts of Iloilo City coal power plant and where should these factories factories be located?

what factories?

Where should factories dump their waste?


What is waste from factories?

machines inside the factory .

Are tires recyclable waste?

yes cause its rubber. Also reused for repaving roads.

Are tires a recyclable waste?

yes cause its rubber. Also reused for repaving roads.

How do the apple factories handle with waste disposal?

I am not an expert on the subject bit I think that apple try to minimise waste by reusing waste material, if it is impossible to reuse waste material, the factories probably sell it for its scrap value. Hope this helps

What is the meaning of recycled materials?

A material that has been reused by something that would normally thrown to waste.

Where is toxic waste released from?

Toxic waste can be released from industries, such as factories and chemical plants, where hazardous materials are used or produced. It can also come from agricultural practices, mining activities, and improper disposal of household chemicals. Additionally, natural sources like volcanic eruptions and wildfires can contribute to toxic waste release.

What can the waste material from factories supply?

Paper wastes. :P

Were is toxic waste coming from?

toxic waste comes from factories and other companies that use poisonous ingredients