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The mongoose would win, it would bite off the pythons balls

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Q: Will a Mongoose kill a Burmese Python?
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Does mongooses kill python snakes?

Retic and burmese pythons can prey on mongoose. Mongoose are too small for these pythons.

Can a group of male mongoose kill a large python snake?

Yes, even single mongoose can kill large python.

When was Burmese Python created?

Burmese Python was created in 1820.

Can a burmese python eat raw pork?

pork--yes lamb will kill them

Is the burmese python an amphibian?

No. Like all snakes the Burmese python is a reptile.

What is burmese a breed of?

A burmese is a breed of cat. There is also a burmese python.

How do the characteristics of the burmese python envieronment effect the burmese python?

Type your answer here... they eat many animals and wildlife

Is it ok to keep a burmese python in with a royla python?

No. A Burmese python can grow to 5-7 feet in their first year which already exceeds your ball python's TOTAL adult length.

What are they wanted for Burmese python?


Is a Burmese python a reptile?

Absolutely !

Who are the predators of the Burmese python?


Is a reticulated python and burmese python the same?

No a reticulated python and a Burmese python are different snakes. Both are found close together in nature (S.E. Asia), though. The Burmese doesn't quite reach the length of a reticulated python; however a Burmese python is a much heavier snake like the Anaconda. The Burmese's weight and girth it typically bigger than a reticulated python; however the reticulated python is the longest documented snake in existence. Both are absolutely beautiful animals, though. The reticulated python tends to be more aggressive a snake than the Burmese, however. But with regular handling from a young age, both can become very "handle-able". By nature, however, the Burmese is generally a more docile animal, especially if handled from an early age.