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The LeapFrog Imagination Desk is a learning toy for children. Children can learn to count, spell and draw through the games, characters, and music built into this toy.

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Q: For what use would a LeapFrog imagination desk be of to a child?
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What are the best age groups in which to use the leapfrog phonics desk?

A good age group for leapfrog phonics desk is preschool to kindergarten. Early childhood development before preschool is very important. And will help the child in kindergarten.

How is the leapfrog phonics writing desk powered?

The leapfrog phonics writing desk is likely powered with batteries. The disposable sort. Be wary of the choking hazards these present as kids could accidently swallow them.

When was imagination desk first sold on the market?

The imagination desk was first sold on the market toward the end of the 1990s. The imagination desk was a relatively popular creation but has since been discontinued.

How much does it cost to buy a Leapfrog Phonics Writing Desk?

A Leapfrog Phonics Writing Desk may be purchased for as low as $15 if purchased used through the internet. If you wish to have a new model, expect to pay approximately $75.

Can you find leapfrog phonics desk at Toys R Us?

You may be able to find the leapfrog phonics desk at Toys R Us depending on the location and the country. Right now it is not listed on the US website but each store does carry product that is not listing online.

Is the Leapfrog Phonics Writing Desk battery powered?

The Leapforg Phonics Writing Desk is a great resource for children and is battery powered. It requires the use of three triple A batteries in order to operate.

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A normal child's wooden bed can be turned into a normal bunk bed with a desk underneath by disassembling the wooden bed and then modeling it into a bunk bed with a desk underneath.

Where can one find the leap frog imagination desk?

The Leap Frog Imagination Desk is available at Target, Amazon, Wal-Mart, Sears, Kids 'R Us and K-Mart. The Leap Frog site has a complete list of authorized retailers.

What kind of things does the Leapfrog Phonics Writing Desk include?

The electronic writing desk teaches kids the alphabet, letter sounds, letter formation, spelling, and word creation in a fun, interactive format. This is useful to jumpstart learning process.

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