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Q: How do you finish okas chest in wizard101?
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When did Evald Okas die?

Evald Okas died in 2011.

When was Jüri Okas born?

Jüri Okas was born in 1950.

How do you get to level 26 in wizard101?

finish quests DUMMY

How do you get to Mooshu wizard101?

finish marleybone and if u cant go to marleybone finish krokotopia ~.'

What is Evald Okas's birthday?

Evald Okas was born on November 28, 1915.

When was Evald Okas born?

Evald Okas was born on November 28, 1915.

Were do you get the hydra pet in wizard101?

You Have To Finish The Level 48 Balance Quest

How do you get access to tanglewood way on wizard101?

Finish Pegasus Place and do a bit of the Tournament.

In wizard101 is celestia required to finish to go to zafaria?

Yes, after Celestia, you will need to travel to Zafaria to finish your main quests

When do you go to monkien keep in wizard101?

There is no such place in Wizard101. There is Mirkholm Keep, in Grizzleheim, and you must finish all the quests in Savarstaad Pass and Vigrid Roughland to access it.

What do you have to do to be able to go the boat in the second world wizard101?

You have to finish the quest in the Map Room.

Do you have to pay withe real money when you want free crowns in wizard101?

if you pay money for wizard101 crowns then its not considered free.there is no way to get free crowns acept for silver chest