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There is no "vault" on Counterfeit Island.

The Dragon Face Lock

At night, secretly enter the museum by opening the Dragon Face lock in the Underground.

The Black Widow's Lair

The Key Card you recovered from the scooter chase will open the locked barrier.

(see the two related questions)

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You go to the vault door and look for the Vault door controls, and "activate" them, that should open the door.

Note: Not all doors will open, for instance Vault 101 will NOT open (until later in the game)

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Q: How do you open the vault on Counterfeit Island?
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When does the museum open on Counterfeit Island?

The art museum on counterfeit island opens after you go to the guy at the dock.

How do you open the trunk on counterfeit island?

You don't. It is just a distraction.

How do you open the dragon hatch on Counterfeit Island?

get all the ripped papers

Is Counterfeit Island counterfeit?

Counterfeit IslandNo, Counterfeit Island is real. In fact, it'd be better named as "Art Island".

How do you open the tunnel when it is nighttime counterfeit island?

You go to the city docks and enter it from there

How do you find the thief in Early Poptropica?

The art thief is back on Counterfeit Island. As part of Counterfeit island, you don't need to do anything in Early Poptropica except get the key from the curator at the Pop Art Museum, then return to Counterfeit Island to open the Inspector's house.

How do you die on Counterfeit Island?

You do not die on Counterfeit Island.

How do you get in the mansion in Counterfeit Island?

there is no mansion on counterfeit island

How do you open the chest in the black widows house on counterfeit island?

the chest is just a distraction

How do you get the camera on Counterfeit Island?

There is no camera as an item on Counterfeit Island.

What do you do with the key from Early Poptropica on Counterfeit Island?

Go back to Counterfeit Island and use it to open the Inspector's house in the Country Side. On the way, the street artist gives you a clue as to what to look for in the house.

Where is the lighthouse and how do you get there on Counterfeit Island?

You will have to swim for it : the lighthouse is on Big Nate Island, not Counterfeit Island.