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I know some things you can do on virtual sleepovers.

1: Play where am I

Basically how you play this game is you hide somewhere while the other player is closing their eyes then you say open then you say where am I and the player has to guess where you are.

2: Tic Tac Toe

Gotcha now your like how do you play that well I will explain you draw a board and then number the blocks so the person can say EX: number 1 and you put their symbol in number 1 easy

3: Eat breakfast together

Now your like really come on well yes I am saying this is possible you just wake up same time or if your somewhere else in Another Country *my sleepover person is in ENGLAND in in AMERICA WOW so you wake up at certain time period if i wake up at 6:00 it will be 11:00) over there five hours ahead sheesh so just decide what you want to have and cook the same thing together

4: Card Games

So you know you just play card games once and a while with your friends but OH WAIT your friends NOT HERE that"s just great *video chats friend* hi friend you want to play cards yeah but how? easy just get the cards and put numbers on them now you have to see their cards cause they can't pick them up and OK well then play matching games with cards and put numbers on them and friend picks two numbers see if match YAYA

5: Hand-Clapping games yeah just slap the screen knowing your slapping your screen then notice this isn't a good idea ;)

6: Pranks

Think about a prank you guys want to do then figure out how to do it easy here is how me and my friend did it AND YES WE DID HAVE A VIRTUAL SLEEPOVER BEFORE so your with the right girl ;)

So we put a doll in the bed and turned the lullaby machine on and then told me brother to look inside to see his expression (FAILED) but then we had another prank this was during Christmas time not sleeping over but she was on FaceTime because she was in Las Vegas so we took the Santa and threw him in there knowing my brother was scared of him *he is not young he is a tween and I am a preteen* and he jumped that was funny but the best prank during sleepover was the part when I hung a baby doll *creepy lookin'* in my mom's room and hung it on her bedpost she never came but the IPad died and my friend thought I was dead because of the doll I charged it for a little and she was almost crying. That was funny p.s. Thanks for caring. ANYWAYYYS

I'm hoping you have a good enough imagination from this to make you own ideas


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Q: What can you do on virtual sleepovers?
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