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Once all the items are back where they belong, use the Lab setting (12 o'clock) to go back to Professor Pendulum's Lab. Use the Future Machine to go to the future again. Then :

  1. Take the lift to the monorail.
  2. Float out on the monorail fan exhaust.
  3. Transfer to the other monorail exhaust.
  4. Take the lift platform to the top of Sky Towers and meet...yourself.
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Q: What do you do after you get all the items on time tangled island?
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Where is all the stuff on time tangled island?

There are no more secret items on time tangled island, but if you are talking about winning the whole island, go onto youtube and type 'poptopica time tangled island.'

How do you cut a tree on time tangled island?

You can't do that. All the required items are able to be grabbed.

What is Time tangled island?

Time Tangled Island is one of the locations on the website Poptropica. (see related link) To complete the island, find all of the items scattered throughout time and return them to their proper owners. (see related question)

How do you go to the future on poptropica?

Complete all the challenges on Time Tangled Island. Complete all the challenges on Time Tangled Island.

What time is tangle?

all of them,they need help,they are all in a tangled mess,thous making it time tangled island

What is tangle?

all of them,they need help,they are all in a tangled mess,thous making it time tangled island

How do you pass the race in time tangled in poptropica?

get all the items

Where is the skyhome in time tangled island?

the sky home you can own is in the futere once you've found all of the lost items for time tangled. the person at pedulums lab will tell you to walk into the time machine to see if it got fixed and you will reach you in the future.

How do you save the future on time tangled island?

You follow the lady into the building, talk to the man and the lady. Then keep going down and push the thingy in, jump on it to get back up. Then see the future . find all the missing items and that's how you save the future. SEE: How do you beat time tangled island

How do you get to your sky home on time tangled island?

Once you have returned all the items on Time Tangled Island, the dial of the time device will be all green and the Lab part will flash. Select "Lab" (12 o'clock) and return to the present. Use the future machine again to go to the restored future. Use the lift and the monorail fans to get to the upper level, where your future self will give you the Island Medallion. (use the time device Lab setting again to leave the island)

What have to do when I've complete all the mission at the time tangled island?

don kp

How do you get the Sunglasses on time tangled island?

The special "spy chic" sunglasses were once a special item on Time Tangled Island as a promotion for Spy Island. They are no longer in the designated location there. All of the Headquarters agents on Spy Island are wearing them. (see related question)